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Rainy Week

We’ve had plenty of rain all summer.  Not a week has gone by that the lawn hasn’t needed mowed and it never was brown.  Usually there isn’t much growing grass in July & August to mow.
From Tuesday night, 8/28, through Monday night, 9/3, I recorded 7.59″ of rain!  We don’t really have fields that flood or stay flooded but now even the ones north of the house have standing water.  The farmer was able to mow the lawn quickly last evening but drove through standing water in lower parts of the yard.

Sunday afternoon:

Clearly some water rushed through here to flatten the tall grasses!

The creek crossing that is usually dry by now.

Monday afternoon – 3 hours after it quit raining that day.  Neither the dog nor I wanted to go through this!

Today is more rain!  It was .6″ a bit ago.

The soybeans are looking nearly ready for harvest and at this point it will take a long time to dry out the fields for equipment.

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Thought I’d just write simple with today.  We had freezing rain and rain most of the day.  Off and on; mist and steady times.  This evening it has changed to snow pellets.  Not much total accumulation is expected.

I worked this morning on what will probably be a multi-year project for me.  Mostly hand applique with my hand-dyed fabric so far but eclectic mix of fabrics for leaves, etc later.  The last few days I turned under edges and prepped the trees.

The color of the sky and the trees was weird on this photo so I just made it black & white.  But you see the pressing under the edges of the trunk and branches.

Today I redid some pieces and arranged on the background of the whole tree oval and the sky.  The trees are arranged and basted down but not stitched.  Reverse applique of some leaves is next on the project.

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We enjoyed the wonderful “May” weather in February by doing family things outside.


Today we went to the Rock Island Arsenal for a tour.   We enjoyed the museum. We hadn’t been there since JP was young but he remembered this wall of guns & rifles from America’s whole history.  Of course, he remembered.  In his blood from early on!


This is where all the DOD targets are printed even today!  Isn’t that amazing?





I liked this quote from Mark Twain describing the island… 3 miles x 1/2 a mile.  Still the vast stone buildings and a lot of trees. Beautiful!


The National Cemetery
The chimes were playing “God Bless America” while we were there.  I enjoy chimes, even the worn & minimal ones.






With all the spring weather, the pussy willow bushes were opening!  There were 2 large bushes at the walkway to the Confederate Cemetery.


The Island was a POW camp during the Civil War and in close quarters about 1/3 died from smallpox going through very fast.


Stones 1, 2, & 3 ~  One hundred stones per row.


Confederate cemetery in the bright sunshine.


15The Clock Tower

We also walked an artillery park there. The men enjoyed it and I sat on a bench with the sun on my face!


I had suggested another stop at a lock so we could park and look for eagles.  I was vetoed.
However, we saw 2 sitting on ice that still remains in some backwater of the Mississippi River.  Beautiful!


Afterwards, we took a short walk through Target, had mid-afternoon food at  C-fil-A, and headed home.  A good 6 hour day out & about and soaking in the warm air & sunshine!




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This has been a cool & wet spring!  Planting has been more than challenging!


through dirty tractor windows….


Corn was planted on
April 23 – only 5 acres
April 25
April 26
note 8 days off…
May 6 until 12:30 a.m.!
May 7 from 1 p.m. – 1 a.m.!
May 9 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Finished!


I rode along on 4/23 when he started.

And the rain came at 4:30!!  A half-hour after he finished corn on 5/9.  Whew!  But ugh on more rain.


Here are some of the monitors, Mom.

So we are stuck here.  No soybeans have gone in yet.


Somewhere…. over the hillsides….

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March Sunset

Many evenings in March have given us stunning colors in the west sky in the evening.  Finally I grabbed the camera and ran out for photos!  As you know… the photos don’t do it justice!

the 11th ~

sunset 1


the 16th ~
Mar 16 (1) b

And I had a few walks outside…..
The Farmer is working on the planter a bit at a time…. and these wimps think they need a cushion and to keep him company!

farm cats
He took this photo on his phone another day ~
cat in the box March b
And while I almost got a photo of the dog & me upclose with P in the background, the dog just doesn’t like selfies!!  So P came to help me…. and we have a family of 3 photo!  This was the best I could get.  Such a goofy dog!

March 2016 b

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White Dog or Not?

Is the farm dog white and clean?


Or does she….


go wading/swimming on a 55’F day (real feel was 43′ though)



in February?  (whoa!!! Such a heat wave!  When does that happen here??)


Or does she mostly go digging and come inside at supper time like this?  (she didn’t stay in the kitchen after photos!)







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Winter Views

She just loves, loves, loves the cold and snow.  I don’t want to even be out.  P just does what needs done and comes in.  The dog thinks ….. ‘ahhhh….. my perfect life….. here on top of the ice-encrusted snow…. just basking’.


Sometimes she aims her big nose right into the cold wind.  Just loving the cold air!

She does like to come in with me on the below zero days for a few hours.  Her big dog prints after our bit of the HUGE store to hit the east coast. (1/20) So glad we didn’t take all the snow before it got to the east!  🙂

Jan 20 B

Be shocked…. those mornings when the sun arises so late, I saw a sunrise!  I know people talk about them.  It just isn’t something I aim to see in my life.  😉

And one day I could see a cardinal from the computer all the way to the bushes.  There are berries that grow in there for them.  Another day I saw 2 females in the birch tree closer the house.  I finally found the bird feed and the bird feeder and have it outside.  I hope they find it.


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Mud Month Arrives

Today it was 40′ F so I took advantage of the warm temps, sunshine, and fresh air.


Mud is here and snow is melting — it is all good!  I didn’t wear my Muck Boots…. I didn’t want them mucky!  :p  These are my painting, fabric dyeing, outside shoes… but usually not mud shoes.  I cleaned them off in the snow on the way in the house.  All is well.  The lane… a sinking, muddy mess.  This too shall pass!


This female kitty has been requested!  Another farm home needs a good hunter.


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I was getting supper ready and saw what a lovely sky!!  Out my east window!  With a moon rising!



If the sunset is pretty enough to reflect all the way around from the west, the actual sunset must be stunning.  Love my open sky concept!



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February Sunshine

Monday after the storm we had a sunrise!  Blue skies and sunshine were a good change from Saturday & Sunday!

More photos from out my windows.

7:30 a.m. —
0730 (1)

The snow fence is full which is its job so that is good.


0730 (3)

0730 (4) B


10:00 a.m. —


1000 (3)

The main plowing here is just starting.  Livestock were cleared & fed first.  Then P got breakfast.  Then he went to find the lane and the mailbox.  After lunch, he dug for the not-so-smart driver on the corner that was stuck since 1 p.m. Sunday (person was rescued… car is not and another day has passed), his parents, the neighbor, and more of our farm.


1000 (2) B

She loves the snow.  This snow has a hard layer on top… she isn’t breaking through this drift!  ha!  After lunch I found her laying in the sun… on top of snow.  Bliss… to her!


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