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A quiet day with just the 2 of us.  Mostly a regular work day here at home.

A favorite supper of his: sloppy joes and mac & cheese in the Instant Pot. Easy for me.


One of my double petunia plants.  Some blooms on the same plant are more white and some more purple.

Yearly photo of how tall the corn is on the 4th of July!

He is more than pleased that he had tassels on corn on June 30th!  The first he remembers seeing them appear in June!


Amazing clouds that evening!

Finally the clouds started to empty and we got a bit that day.

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Independence Weekend

We have had an interesting weekend.  Not so full of party & fireworks, but neither was it all work.

On Friday, Phil took a train ride to go apartment shopping with K.  Multiple learning experiences and they ended up with a bad taste for apartment hunting.   They sure weren’t expecting the agent’s high-pressure tactics or to sign on the line after only seeing 3 places!  😦

Our 2 usual choices for fireworks both had them on July 3rd.  JP & I drove to the little town north of us for a bit of fireworks at sunset.  We were on a back road just 1/2 mile away.  Good location and not much traffic when we left.  🙂

4th JP pop-its

JP loves Pop-Its.  Tho he would prefer a bigger bang!

We were both sound asleep before Phil arrived home after midnight.  He was glad he got on the train to come home before the Chicago fireworks started.  He said the streets were CRAZY full of masses of people.  K stayed in.  She got in the mash last year and didn’t need it again.

Saturday was rainy & cool so Phil & I took a few hours to go shopping.   I had cleaned the aquarium in the morning and the pump didn’t like being cleaned so quit working.  I was glad I was able to get a new pump right away.

Today was JP’s weekend to drum.  We went to early service and then took care of our errands.  I got a new cell phone (Samsung Gloss in PINK!) and Phil got his items at Farm & Fleet.

After relaxing with Facebook (JP & me), movies (Phil & JP), and a nap (me!), Phil did chores and I worked in the garden.  JP had a game of frisbee with Nina.

5th of July fire

JP built a good bonfire in the pit by the sweet corn patch.  He & Phil roasted hot dogs and JP had some marshmallows.  The main logs were a bit wet from yesterday’s rain so took quite a while to get going.
5th of July JP & Nina

Wrestling with Nina – not napping!

5th of July chat

More apartment chat after K went to some open houses today with a friend.

10th bdayToday is Molly’s 10th birthday.   She is quite old and wonders why we added Nina to the household & the bedtime barn.  :\

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