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Cherished Time


06 and 15

We seldom get time with both our kiddos and so we made plans for a few nights out over Labor Day weekend when they both had Monday off as a legal holiday.

We met at JP’s place and it was just over 1 hour for P & me and about 1:20 for Miss K.  A perfect place to meet!  Both cars arrived within 5 mins of each other.  He is in a safe and residential neighborhood and the landlord was fine to have an extra car there for a few nights.  Blessings!

We grabbed supper to go and then had just over 1 hr to our hotel.  Rest for all the weary!!   Both P & Miss K were in the middle of that awful fall congestion junk that has been all over. Even though we hadn’t seen her in 8 weeks, they got the same thing at the same time. :\

Good treats out to eat — ice cream, SBx (Miss K & me x 2!), breakfasts out brought to our table, etc.






Saw the lake areas —
I aimed for sun and the others aimed for shade.







A fun afternoon of miniature golf —








No one wanted a group selfie but me.

Visited downtown and the capitol building —






Rest, movies, naps, hand-sewing for me, and maid service.   Just the topping on the real treat of having our kids with us.  I’m so thankful for my family!

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While my sister (M) was on summer vacation from her music students, she and her husband (D) brought our mom here for a visit.

They arrived Monday evening and I had supper in the crock pot. I tend to do that when guests are due after a big drive so it can be ready or wait until they arrive. It was mediocre but the desserts were good!


I offered ideas of activities while they were here or good ol’ vacation rest. On Tuesday M & I went to yoga class together while our mom and D looked at lovely homes and a few little shops. Smartly D found The Cheese Market where I like to shop as well.

After yoga and lunch we took the longer way home so we could visit 2 cemeteries.  If you know my background, you’ll understand how unusual it is that I have relatives from both sides of my family tree buried nearby.

CG cemetery


We found the first 2 of my mom’s side that came to our little town and married here. We also visited the grave of my dad’s aunt, our boys’ site, and some of my husband’s family.

After touring my quilting studio, I moved on to the sewing room to do some alterations for mom. But when I said I needed to stop to fix supper, M & D said they’d make it. They both love cooking and presented us with a yummy dinner from my non-chef kitchen. I finished sewing with mom’s company in my room.

After dinner,  they asked to see my FIL’s farm quilt.  I had brought it home after our little visit with them in the afternoon as it was going to a gallery soon. I was very touched by their interest and amazement at my work on this one and other quilts they got to see.


As the artist, I felt the quilt should be used a bit since it usually spends its life in the closet. 🙂  (I’m sitting on the arm of the couch.)


On Wednesday we made plans to meet JP for lunch near his job. Thankfully he clocks out for lunch and doesn’t have a strict timeline. He could make up extra missed time just staying a bit longer in the afternoon.



M & D offered to make supper and my mom and I had some extra time to visit. I showed her a special project I have coming up for myself.

Thursday morning had a slower pace and much continued visiting. Seems all of us women have the same talking amounts & bunny trail gene.  Haha!

We had a simple lunch and they headed to a suburb for more family visits.  Friday included a special drive to see one of my mom’s nieces which she enjoyed!

On Friday night my sister especially chose a hotel near Miss K and God graciously cancelled K’s last appointment, so then all were able to have dinner, conversation, hugs,  and ice cream dessert that evening.



Around the long corner for dessert… a great distance for mom to go at the time without her walker.


It is hard for us to get time with our kids. I am thankful my BIL did the extra driving so my mom could see them both.  After time in the big city, they visited more family and another family cemetery.  My mother enjoys her travel times a lot and she is a real trouper!

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Thanksgiving 2014

Both our kids were able to come home for Thanksgiving Day.  A new movie was just opening so P met K & JP, just in the nick of time to get off work and make the respective drives and gathered at the theater on Wednesday night.  They had fun!  Once home about 9:30 p.m., I got hugs & a Thanksgiving bouquet of flowers.  Just so thankful to have them here for a bit.

Our bacon-wrapped turkey the next morning for our noon meal.


K & I did sorting and rearranging and JP brought in our unusual brown kitten.  He has puppy paws and loveslovesloves to be all over.  He climbs up human legs when they are out working.  Of course, K was glad to see a cuddly kitty. Soon it jumped to her bed and sprawled out like this was his long-lost heaven.  Not for long, buddy!  (I’m allergic to cats…..)


All 4 kitties were up here as Phil was coming in for chores but I only caught JP playing with Nina.  Sorry to all our younger friends but this is why the dog isn’t so gentle with little people.  She has been taught to run & chase & try to take your glove!

K headed home at 6 and JP was able to have Friday off at the last minute and stay home for the rest of the weekend.  He helped Phil and helped at church for one service.

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This semester JP is living in a town that is about halfway between our house & K’s.  So we drove 1 hour, K drove 1.5 hours, JP drove about 10 mins and we met up for lunch together.  It was wonderful!!  Easy commutes for all of us and fun to be together.  We LOVE our adult kids!!

Phil had an electrical question for JP before lunch so the back of the car became the work zone.

IMG_20140921_112708 B

After lunch together, we shopped, visited the parking lot where JP is doing his co-op (1st of 3 sessions), got to see his condo, and I had a gift for K (more on this in another post).




P1020511 B


The soybeans were just getting golden and it was a bright blue fall sky so a great day to be out touring the countryside.  I’ve always wanted to get a photo of our house from the corner but it is too dangerous to stop when I’m driving to do that.  I took this through the windshield which isn’t the greatest… but a bit of the view.

P1020514 B

Once home, this shows our soybeans outside the house in mid-September.

P1020520 B

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