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My in-laws have celebrated their 60th anniversary.  We live near each other so we planned to join them that Sunday for church.  P shared that with our kids (as a point of info) and they both wanted to come as well.  We decided to keep that part a surprise.

MIL & I talked the week before and she asked if we could join them.  I said we were already planning to be there and that dinner that day would be at our house.  She was thrilled!

They were so happy to have us there.   Grandma exclaimed to K that we wouldn’t tell her the kids were coming.  We tried for a surprise but I’m sure she assumed this.

After the service, their church has a fellowship time with snacks but my in-laws provided cake, cider, nuts for their celebration.  Most of the congregation stayed for nearly an hour.

P1020703 B

K got to see her life-long friend that has also moved away.  They haven’t seen each other in YEARS but grew up together at church, 4-H, each other’s houses, etc as they are only 6 weeks apart and we are friends with her parents.  Great bit of visiting!

P1020704 B

P1020707 B

P1020709 B

The grands enjoyed a few more hours to visit with the kids around the dinner table.

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31st Anniversary

I’m so thankful we got done planting before our anniversary this year.  Most years we are done and done and done.  But this year, I knew it would be close.  He finished Tuesday night with planting and our anniversary was on Thursday.  Mid-week, on Wednesday, he said he’d give me most of the day on Thursday.  YEAH!!  Of course, I immediately had about 5 days of honey-do list conjured up in my head.  And then I had to decide if we’d stay home and work or go out and relax.


We went out to relax.  After the mandatory jobs that needed done that morning, we headed out and had lunch along the river at a nice restaurant.   It was nice & sunny!  The river was quiet, only a barge went by as we were there dining.





We stopped and bought some flowers for planting along my front porch and got some mulch since I had my Mr. Strong Arms with me for help.


We have had 31 years together… much longer than our time without each other and it is good.  We’ve grown together and grown a family.   So thankful for the kids we were able to raise and for the joy they bring to us!


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On Saturday, we planned to get breakfast at a restaurant so as to give me a better start to the day.  Phil stopped by the hotel breakfast room and said they had scrambled eggs, a meat, fruit bowl, so he convinced me to try that.

There were scrambled eggs but I wouldn’t describe them as real.   :\   I named the meat “Turkey Spam” once I had a bite.  And the slightly thawed frozen fruit was just so-so.   However, they did have hot water to top off my cream for a cup of hot cocoa that was good!  🙂

Then we hung out in the room until the local quilt shop opened at 10.   I sewed down a binding while Phil enjoyed a movie.

The quilt shop was easy to find as it was on the main road through town.  Phil went get to gas and then read the various attractions papers we had picked up at the Visitor’s Center.  The shop, Front Porch Quilts, is in a house and fills the whole downstairs.  It was PACKED with fabric!  She carries a lot of Moda lines and charm packs or jelly rolls.   I narrowed my choice and bought 2 charm packs, a border fabric, and some background that I plan to use for my June LaPetité project.  She had great choices!

We then crossed the Mississippi River… AGAIN…. always with my eyes closed and head down… 😦 and returned to Iowa.  We didn’t have a plan but would enjoy a look-out or hike if we found something.  We almost headed north to the Effigy Mounds but went south to see what we could see first.  The IA Visitor’s Center was to be south the sign said.

We didn’t find the Visitor’s Center but turned the corner and the highway went right through downtown McGregor.  Lo and behold, they were having festival days or such and there was an arts & crafts area with lots of booths.   We found free parking and walked to the craft tents.

Most of the downtown buildings have been fixed up but not this one. I love the windows here.

A few nice places…. barn board signs (one nearly came home with me but I’m  hoping some friends would like to help me stencil on my own barn board  :wink:), photos of old doors used as greeting cards or framed (sorry K, too $$$),  and a Corian cutting board booth!   I bought a new one for my kitchen.  I have an old piece of Corian from one of Dad’s jobs but it is cracked and I don’t like using it for food anymore.

We had hoped for a special pizza place for lunch but finding none after walking around the downtown, we went to the local Mexican restaurant.  It was super yummy so we were glad we tried it.

In our wanderings, we found a sign pointing out the steps to the overlook.   We thought that was a good way to walk off lunch.   After having Phil slow down for the cave hike yesterday, now I told him to hurry across the foot bridge over a town street.  Yikes!!

I love the wild columbine growing in any nook & cranny it can find!  Can I make a woodland planting area here?

A large barge-loading grainery was next to the overlook area which Phil enjoyed seeing from the top.   The river has seemed high every where we’ve looked.

After this walk, we thought we’d support Aunt Sadie’s Sweet Shop… but really charging for pie filling in a store bought pie crust should be a crime!!

The far right bottom photo is from the top of the walkway looking back down to the town.

We then headed out of town to the church at the end of the road.  Very cute from downtown!

We continued down the River Road, aiming to visit Pike’s Peak State Park.

The State Park had many hummingbird feeders that were busy with activity!  I was engrossed!!

There were so many hummingbirds that they would squawk at each other fighting over the spout.  I’ve never seen so many at once!  Of course, difficult to capture on my camera.

We enjoyed the 2 overlooks here —

The bridge in the larger photo is across the Wisconsin River; here is where it joins the Mississippi River.

Not too bad for a Facebook photo!  😉

Then we hiked the trails around the Indian Mounds at the park.   The signs said we walked 1.1 miles for the main loop; we voted out of the 3 mile hike!   It was a nice trail with a little waterfall here as well.

I jumped for joy at finding blooming Jack-in-the-Pulpit flowers!  Phil laughed at finding a dried out Morel mushroom that no one had picked.

Sorry for such a long post…. I’ll cut it short at this time.  After this park, we continued down River Road to Highway 52 (imagine that!) and took that into Dubuque.  Missing the ability to find the quaint downtown, then driving out to the new section and deciding we didn’t want new & normal for pizza, we went to Galena in hopes of finding a place.

Seriously, we should have known that Galena on a Saturday was a dumb idea.  But we didn’t think it was THIS dumb.  Ack!!  So much “our neighborhood” but without being Chicago-ites or of the same gender,  we were totally out of place.   However, we found a pizza place off the main drag, recoginized the hostess from our visit to our church campus there, and ordered a pizza.   Phil liked it; I didn’t.  But no matter, the next stop was home.

We arrived home about 8:30.  Still enough daylight to see the large branch that had blown off a tree onto some equipment during the night and in time to be warmly greeted by Nina who must have missed us greatly!   JP just greeted us.  🙂

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A Time to Hurry

Last weekend was a flurry of activities!

JP drummed at the mothership for all 4 services.  Because the practice for this group fell on July 5, they didn’t practice.  He left here at 1:30 Saturday afternoon for a bit of extra practice…. armed with freshly baked cookies!

Phil was busy combining his second field of wheat on Saturday afternoon having finished the first bit on Friday.   🙂

I went to early church.  Afterwards, I stopped by Walgreen’s for some prints I had sent to them in the afternoon.  I love that part of technology!  (MIL had asked me to scan some old photos.  I just missed the memo to have them printed too so had to scurry getting them printed once I found out.  Oops!)

Wanna see what I got?

Phil’s great uncle cutting rye with some new-fangled tool.  1929


From the one-room schoolhouse that is built on what used to be property that is part of the farm; long, sad, story there… and where Phil’s Dad attended.  This is 1926, before Phil’s dad was born but his 2 brothers are in this picture.  We’ve only figured out one of the uncles, tho.


This is the original farm house but many years after the house we live in had been built.  When K was little, she’d wander in here, prompting Grandma to URGE Grandpa to tear it down.  It wasn’t livable when I came on the scene.   Phil was raised here and his dad was born here.


Back to the weekend ~~~

When I got home, Phil’s nephew came up to the house as they had driven out from Ohio for a week of summer vacation on Saturday.  He helped me close the windows as I turned on the AC.  Then we headed outside to light the fire in the firepit I had built in the afternoon.  It didn’t take off very well since we had had sprinkles while I was gone at church.  Nephew suggested we use an old leaf but he struggled to find one in July.

Phil & the other men returned home and the wheat was DONE!! Yahoo!!   Phil’s dad, BIL, & nephew returned home.  Phil helped get the fire going better and I grilled brats at the deck.

Soon K came driving in… it was 8:40.  She had gotten off about 5:40 but had to sit a long time as 3 lanes merged into 1 lane with an accident at the beginning of a construction zone.  Ugh!

A bit after that, JP arrived home from church!

We gathered around the now roaring fire for brats and then marshmallows and lots of good chatter.   Nina loves finding our kindling and running off with sticks.  🙂


The next day, JP headed back to church at 7:30 and Phil went for the early service after he finished chores.  K worked on laundry and a flower flourish for her hair (where is that picture???)  while I labeled fair entries.

Phil came back home and soon we returned and headed out to lunch.  After we finished, we met JP at a large parking lot and took him through McD’s for a quick lunch for him.  We headed to this week’s fairgrounds and I …. FINALLY …. checked in my entries.   I find it odd that the superintendent wasn’t there for the 1:00 check-in until 1:10.


we could finally drive a bit west (20 miles?) to Phil’s cousin’s 50th anniversary party.   “L” is only a bit younger than Phil’s dad so it throws off the whole generation thing as his kids are our age.

Phil (R) with his cousin

Phil’s nephew and his 11 yr old moustache

K went through the 50th wedding album with Phil’s parents.  Grandpa was in the wedding and K loved seeing the dresses & hair pieces.

Phil & me

Phil’s sister and her husband

After the party, we drove through very hard rain to get back to JP’s truck. The men went home and K & I went to the grocery stores.   Once home, K got in a very short nap while I grilled food for her week of lunches and finished her last load of laundry.

We made a quick trip to Phil’s parents for pizza with everyone, returned home, K packed her food, car, and clean laundry and was headed back to the city by 6:40 p.m.!

Unfortunately she ran into  the heavy storm but still made it home in good time.  A VERY short visit but we are always glad to see her.

And that my friends, is part of why you haven’t had many updates this week!

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Moving Nightmare

I guess we need to sit in the memories of having had uneventful moves in downtown Chicago with Miss K.   Because this week’s move was




And so I’m posting all these details about it before getting up the pretty pictures and stories from the kids’ graduations.  😉  (It is my blog, you know.  Venting allowed.)

Phil & I left home Thursday about 3 and delivered a leftover pie and 2 bags of sandwiches to the nearby homeschool neighbor with hungrier boys than my one.  🙂  We arrived downtown just before 6 p.m.  

As usual, we parked in the alley and Phil & K put 4 cart loads into the truck.  We 3 rode (in the front seat) the 2 blocks to her summer home building (CB).  

You’ll remember I have alley duty on these excursions while P & K make the runs with the loads back & forth from truck to room. Well it was after the usual 5:00 office hours and they hadn’t switched K to this building (& her keys) yet so she wasn’t able to get carts here to unload.  

P & K decided to walk back up the 2 blocks to her old building (162) and bring 2 carts from there to use.  I continued to wait in the alley, casually reading a quilt magazine. 

After a bit, one of Chicago’s


motioned me to move along.  

Ut-oh.  He was on one of those little glider/scooter things.  I put down the window and said we were moving our daughter into this building.  He didn’t care… said I was blocking traffic (?) and had to move.  I said I’d move and he thought that a great idea.  

I quickly dialed Phil and put the phone on speaker phone while it laid on my lap.  I backed out of the alley – into the 3 lanes of one-way traffic with no helpers and most of my back view blocked – and went back to the 162 alley where P & K were waiting for me.   Now what?

P & K got 2 more carts partially loaded and walked them down to the new building.  Once unloaded there, they called and summoned me.  I arrived and stopped in a tow away zone at the end of the line of parked cars while they quickly unloaded part of the truck into 2 carts.  

While they took the carts upstairs, I drove around the blocks.  (with the one-ways, it was down 2, over 1, up 2, over 1) Three times!  Again they were waiting on the sidewalk with their 2 carts and again  from the tow away zone, we quickly unloaded to the carts and I hopped back in the driver’s seat.   Now with an empty truck, I went to the 162 alley and waited. 

P & K unloaded at CB and then walked 2 blocks to meet me at 162 and devise our next plan.   I was starving, K was starving, none of us had food and we only had moved one truck load.  😦

Once again, they loaded up my truck.  This time giving me back mirror vision but filling the front seat as well.  I continued to sit.  (I actually considered going to talk to the Karl Rove protestors outside of the Chicago theater and ask what they were actually saying.  I’m sorry they showed their intelligence level by speaking into a megaphone which totally distorted anything that came out of their mouths.  Not much point would be made if no one could understand your position.)

P & K took 2 more cart loads to the CB via walking down the sidewalks.   When those carts were empty they once again called me to come.  This time they were waiting for me at the tow away zone with *4* carts!  🙂  We quickly unloaded the whole truck at one time!  K would run the carts into the CB lobby and return for another one.  And no, pushing a full post office type cart down a sidewalk, across an alley, down more sidewalk, and through 2 sets of doors is NOT easy!  And then throw in some pedestrians!  

So with my empty truck, I started making laps around the blocks.  It was 8 p.m. and the streets were not very busy.  Not many walkers to wait for in the cross walks.  Not many red lights to wait at.   I looped.  Again and again and again.  I lost count but think I did 6 laps.  Finally, they had called and were at the sidewalk!  🙂  

(They talked with security and there was a city ordinance issue with SAIC people using the alley so it is a new problem.  We have no idea how the next moving event will pan out at this point.)

They jumped in my back seat since my overnight suitcase was in the front seat by this point.  I drove around the block again but this time stopped at The Palmer House where we had a room reserved.  🙂  

K took our suitcase in to wait in the lobby while Phil & I drove to the parking garage we like to use.   K was so done walking but I was fine to walk back to the hotel 3 blocks.  Whew!

We checked in and requested a room with 2 beds.   K had forgotten her bedding until the last load and at that point it was just wadded and thrown in my truck.  Both her rooms have been loft beds and no one was interested in going back to make her a bed!  She stayed with us.  🙂

We went around the corner to Miller’s for supper at 9 p.m.  


Finally food!  🙂  


And if it matters, I really like the room re-dos that The Palmer House has done.  Sheets & beds are still wonderful but the furniture and wall paper are super!!  

In the a.m. we enjoyed the breakfast buffet downstairs.  K had received a $25 coupon and our discounted room rate from various dinners she was able to attend with the school this past year.  🙂  


So this was Friday, May 29th,

our 26th anniversary.  



After a visit for me at Blick’s (*sigh*) and dropping off our suitcase at K’s room, we headed to Chinatown.  Have you gone there via the Red Line?  I hate heights and it was SO windy when we got off the El.  Ugh!!  

china town from El

I wasn’t too thrilled with the various Chinese gift shops but was QUITE happy at the handbag knock-off store.  Yes, K could make me one.  *I* could make me one.  But these were already made.  🙂  

At the newer section to the north, we enjoyed 2 of those fruit freezes and got 2 bags of fortune cookies for he who was home working with Grandpa.  😉  


We headed back to K’s room for a break and then hopped on a bus for Old Town to the north.

DSCF3906(I said it was windy!)

 We walked the whole block around Moody Church but none of the doors were really the “front” door.  They had one door marked for counseling use during the week.  K knew of a restaurant down the block so we stopped there for a late lunch.  After waiting a long time, we each had $6 burgers and enjoyed watching the activity outside as we were across from The Second City.  

This is a cute area of town and we stopped at an outdoor plant store for a pink geranium for K’s room.  🙂 Then we got a bus to head back to K’s area.  At rush hour.  On a very busy bus route.  But we did pass MBI and that was cool for us to see.  🙂  

Back at K’s room, we all sorted and worked at finding some sense to her moving piles.  Phil put together bookcases and shoe racks, K unpacked clothes, and I got the bedding ready for the washer.  

Just before 6, K headed to the 162 building while Phil and I went to get the car. We arrived once again in the 162 alley and this time loaded 2 carts worth in the truck to come home.  However, a truck was parked there.  😦  Phil had to back out the whole alley after we had loaded up. 

We arrived home about 9 p.m. and K had gotten 2 smaller loads to her new room and the old room cleaned and finished and was doing laundry.  *sigh*

I’m hoping to put up the wonderful graduation stories and photos soon.  And then… I think life goes back to more summer normal.  🙂


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