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June Workshop & Guild

The June guild day at my local guild included an all-day workshop… taught by yours truly!

I had 10 students after a few dropped out or didn’t show that day.   I was pleased how well everyone did and how far they progressed on their quilt tops.

I just took a few photos while they worked. Then after the program, those that had stayed, showed their pieces as a group.  I love this!

The program was great!  Here are a few photos.  (I was sitting in the back… hard to get good ones.)

A lot of the backs of her quilts were just as stunning as the fronts!  Very fun to see her work.

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Finished Bargello

I told you about my friends & I gathering to work on our Bargello quilts back in August.  I finished mine and have it all quilted so wanted to show you here.

Here are some upclose shots of the quilting, both on the frame and once it was done.

A few other photos are on my business site.

This quilt will head to K’s after I have it for an example at the guild workshop I’m teaching in June.


Our sewing day has turned into a once a month gathering and it is SO much fun!!  We just met Saturday but only 2 of us and we really missed our #3!  We keep asking others to come but it hasn’t worked out for them yet.

I worked on my quilt blocks from the Sonlight quilters exchange!  It was good to have them out and I’m excited to get that quilt finished!  I’m adding borders tomorrow to my current project so once that is quilted, I’ll get back to the SL quilt.  The current project was just too much to pack and haul to Sue’s on Saturday.  It is pieced on point and at the time I had all the blocks arranged on my studio floor for piecing. Not something I wanted to move!  Good thing I have lots of UFOs!!

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Sew-in Day

We had our quilting day last week and what a blast!  It was just great to piece together. Plus fun to figure out a new pattern together.  It was fascinating to see how our different personalities worked out the new pattern.

By 4:00 we had our pieces this far —

We were each making 2 identical pieces.   The pattern suggests then cutting each piece into 3 sections for placemats.  I plan to keep mine as 2 table runners.  Here we are showing just 1 of our pieces but Sue snuck in both of hers so closely it is hard to tell.  😉

I’ll warn you it is best to NOT hold your breath for mine to be finished.  LOL!!  I think Lori finished hers after we moved out.  I only have 4 strips to add to each of mine so it won’t take long.

Our day together was so much fun we plan to gather more this fall and just work on whatever we need to work on.    I hope you have friends you can get together with for craft days.  It is good for the soul!

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Bargello Prep

Some friends and I are going to get together and make our first bargello pattern together.  Together so as to get the kinks worked out together.  🙂     We are using this book, loosely.  It teaches quilt as you go and at least I will quilt later.

The beginner pattern in there (not the cover quilt!!) is for 6 placemats.  It involves making 2 long pieces that are cut into 3 placemats each.  I’m planning on keeping the 2 pieces long and having 2 table runners since I use a tablecloth and don’t need placemats.

First I thought of these fabrics:

Then a quilt in a magazine made of brights caught my eye.  I thought of my bright hand-dyes and played with them yesterday.   I then dyed 2 more pieces, a black and gray, to see if I could use one of them as well.

I ended up with this collection:

The yellow is more golden.

Today I cut strips and sewed them back together.   Before making the tube, I took this photo:

The dark one is more black than navy and the green is more lime than olive but… lots of colors!!  I’m excited to see how this finishes.

When I told Phil we were doing this, he said he likes grape.  (as in jello!!)  A friend said if it involved cooking at our Bargello day, she hoped there would be brownies.  *sigh*  But she wasn’t sure how the jello was mixing in there either!

I’ll keep you posted.  In time.  Don’t hold your breath.  I am  busy this month!!

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