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The next partial quilt project that I dug out were the blocks from a Block of the Month in 2000.  (I’m not even sure that is the right year.  It could be 1997 or ’98 for that matter.)   The patterns were posted on the World Wide Web… quite a big deal back then.  The World Wide Quilting Page.  Were you on it?  We were on dial-up, the forum was all of black & white and one color.  It was archaic!  So very slow.   But I had contact with other quilters and we had all kinds of chat about quilts, patterns, and Featherweights.

I had bought some extra fabric (all the store had) near the end of the year so that I’d have enough for borders and binding.  All of the blocks and the fabrics were in a storage box together.   I think the patterns have long been thrown away.  I thought I needed to make another block yet to have my 12 but there were 12 finished blocks in the pile.  Yeah!  There are 2 patterns repeated and I assume that I didn’t like my first fabric choices so made them again.  However, at this point, I was fine with having 12 blocks done so I used them all.

The blocks are 18″ finished.  I made a sizing template on scrap fabric and stretched or shrunk them to make the all the right size.  Tons of spray starch!  LOL!!  Where there’s a will there’s a way.  (Love doing this actually as then there is no fudging or puckers or tight spots when adding in sashing and borders.  Sharon SchamberNet has youtube videos on it.)

Here are a few blocks draped on my long arm frame —


Blocks —


Center —

center cropped


With all borders and ready for quilting —

finished top



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Today had all sorts of things thrown into it:

  • The usual… some laundry
  • I put the binding on the president’s quilt — all 368″!  Time for the binder to have a project
  • A phone visit with a friend and plans for sewing day  🙂 🙂 🙂
  • I offered leftovers for lunch  🙂
  • I kept babysitting my homemade sour cream – sure hope it turns out.  I’m giving it more than 24 hrs in the cooler as it doesn’t seem to keep very warm even tho I give it hot water about every 6 – 8 hrs.  ?? Advice?
  • Finished, strained, and jarred for the freezer… the beef stock = 6 not-full quarts
  • Made face wash — after 10 months off  🙂
  • And finally cracked into the TQS Block of the Month for 2012!!  WooHoo!!  It felt good.  I cut the lengthwise binding strips after starching that yardage.  This will be the 3rd quilt with lengthwise bindings cut at the start of the project.  I’m liking this!!  Then I started cutting for month 1 and put the pages in the binder.  Since I only had about 30 minutes there is more play planned there for Sunday.
  • Topped off with a great sermon at church tonight, Culvers, and shoe shopping for JP at Shopko.

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No, I’m not talking about how my family has babies…

I finished 2…

count them…


Block of the Month 2009 sets

last week!!!



Here is November —

Thought I’d rearrange them to show you all 4…

And for December —

I loved this blue & the gold… could have done w/o so much red!  :\

And YES, my dears…. I said December!!

That means — that ALL the blocks are done for this Block of the Month!!!  Yahoo!!!

Now to figure out a layout & decide if I’m going to do the scrappy pieced border of little points like most of the blocks have.  I could use a design wall about now…

Maybe I can post some pictures of them on the living room floor for your opinions.    🙂

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I started these one day last week but then was interrupted by other projects and life.  I finished this month’s blocks (I think this is from October) on Monday.

A single block — these took longer with that smallest pieced arc having sooo many tiny triangles!

I do 4 quarters per month.  They won’t all go together but be mixed around with other blocks.

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This week is so very busy!!

I spent Sunday working on getting ready for Monday & Tuesday!

Monday is quilt guild.  But we have 2 all-day workshops (I will be the first one there to unlock the doors) so I got my fabrics all chosen & precut on Sunday.  Then packed up my sewing machine and tools.

On these workshops days we take our own sack lunch so I grilled extra chicken at  Sunday lunch for me on Monday.

Plus I have a meal for the crock pot to share for the potluck supper.

Then I have my president’s stuff for the meeting and wrote out the agenda on Sunday too.

I also have the VP’s stuff that I forgot to take in August when she wasn’t there.

Plus the secretary has resigned so I have new member folders from the secretary to distribute.

Another member can’t be there so her husband brought a bag over the other day for me to take.

I have my 4 embroidered clutches to take so they can be ready for the quilt show next month.  (I finished these 2 the other day.)

emb clutches

It will be a very long day… hoping the fun outweighs the responsibilities!!

Tuesday I’ll meet a new friend and we’ll go together to a Sonlight Meet-up with lots of us in a Chicago suburb.   Another packed lunch  😦  and a long day.

Wednesday you’ll find me napping but then I get to end the day with a ladies small group so I’m excited for that! 🙂

Here is another picture – another month of New York Beauty blocks were finished sometime before the cold hit me!  😉

june block

The 4 quarters won’t be joined — I just arranged them like this for the picture.

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I’ve been trying to get in a bit of sewing each day.  I don’t get it everyday.  I’ve worked a bit at a time on my Galena Block of the Month.  I finished the 4 blocks for May on Wednesday…

…after a lot of blood, sweat, & tears over getting those archs together!  :p


Any tips or suggestions for getting the seams that join the archs flatter?  There is too much bulk with all the triangles coming together at the same place!

I’ve started on another month, April that I accidentally passed by.   Now that the temps are remembering what to do in the summertime, the basement is a nice reprieve.

I also jumped projects a bit and made some seemingly simple but not-so-simple curtains for my kitchen.  They are OK, but not fabulous!  🙂  I want to get some tablecloths done and then you can see pictures.

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Between laundry and helping JP pack for Worldview Academy….


playing ketchup with Pat Sloan and working on my Galena BOMs.

Mar BOMI finished 4 of these – March BOM – last night.

Now on to May (I accidently skipped April 🙂 ) —

May BOM Friday

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I am working on the block of the month from The Quilt Show.  I ordered the kit for it and didn’t receive it until the beginning of February so I was already behind.  

I’ve worked on it in bits & pieces.  The week before, I finished the center star for January.


This past week I set the star on point and added plain borders and the pieced border.  These 4 patch pieced borders took some time!!  I’m glad we had good directions on how to fit them just right.  


I still should make 8 star blocks for the February assignment (they are for a later border) but I’m not sure I’ll get to that.  This is my last open weekend until April and there is a lot of work to be done!

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BOM Top Done!

I finished putting on the borders and getting them all mitered today.  


I have the backing waiting to be picked up during the shop’s Super Bowl Sale on Sunday.  It will be pieced so today I made the label for the back.



So I’m committed to have this finished in February!  🙂

I’m so excited!!  Maybe tomorrow I can look for some quilting patterns.   The shop quilt had circles in the red border.   The green border is 8″ so I’ll need something nice to quilt in there.

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Yesterday I finished putting the quilt together except the 2 borders.   Wow I just love it!!  🙂


I worked a bit on the 2 borders today.   I’m trying to get them on before my machine goes to the shop (just regular cleaning & oiling) on Saturday.   Not sure if I’ll accomplish that with the road trip tomorrow.


ETA:  I just realized I’m holding it upside down!  LOL!!  I could rotate the picture but then my hands would look odd.  😉

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