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Reunion III

The last of the reunion photos so we can wrap this up! —

JP took to entertaining the older cousins (and the littles and the grown-ups and the grandparents!) with his potato cannon.  First, off the second floor deck of the lodge.

Then to the top of the hill.  This launched the potato to the lake a few times!

Gradually, we all wandered here and away from the dining hall where Gma & Gpa were.  Thankfully, Bruce brought them to the gathering!  Dad stayed in the car.  They were so fascinated as well.  Dad said he could hear it but not see the potato!  None of us usually did see it but occasionally you could find it just before landing.

Saturday night, the big kids took the cannon back outside.  The nighttime photos of the cannon are amazing!

Saturday afternoon’s main event… the HUGE water slide!

Above: JP is in the front

Above: K is next to last on the train of girls

I tried out the video option on the camera and LOVE it!!  🙂


Thanks for meeting my family!  🙂

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Reunion II

And so continued a new day of my family reunion….

Friday night at supper, Evie & Margaret handed out the tshirts that Evie designed for our family.

So fantastic — made even better when we noticed that D & S’s tree branch was announcing Baby #3!  We are so blessed!  This will be great-grand number 8 for my parents.   🙂

One niece-in-law (S) has done professional photography so we are thrilled when she makes us all look good in family photos.  We did this on Saturday, right before lunch and right before a short rain shower.

This is all of us minus Phil & Jeff.

My kids & me with my parents.

The original 6

Boy cousins & Girl cousins

This was my favorite photo and I’ve been waiting all spring/summer for this to occur! We have done these photos before and now notice that JP gets the end in both photos. (youngest & tallest! WOOT!!) Top photo is by birth order and bottom photo is by height!

Mom & Dad with the great-grandchildren.

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Reunion I

I took hundreds of photos at my recent family reunion. This might take awhile…

(FYI, Phil was at home… only he or JP can be gone from the farm.  This was JP’s turn.)  I love my adult kids.  We stayed in one room together.  And they did nearly all the driving for me!  🙂

Most of us stayed in the lodge (that my dad built).  Each family unit had a room and there was a girls’ room with several nieces.

If you click on the photo collage, you can see it a bit bigger.

Time with my mom & dad/ grandma & grandpa was a treasure!  They just loved having ALL the grandchildren (10 + 5 spouses) and great-grands (7) there.  (We actually were only missing 2 of their son-in-laws; Phil & another.)

Young & old (Ok, 20-somethings!) had fun with the sidewalk chalk!  (it rained this night —  of course!!)

Is Miss Top Left (above) not the cutest?!!  She bonded with anyone and is quite the charmer!



S’mores around the campfire rounded out the first night —

Top: Before bed sparklers

Bottom left: The K girls with Gma & Gpa  🙂

To be continued….

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