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Christmas Card!


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Fabric Cards

I have made quite a few fabric cards in the last 2 years or so.  I enjoy them and hope the recipients do as well.   Most are about 8″ x 10″ or 9″ x 11″.   They fit in a small padded envelope or a flat rate priority envelope.   

Last week I had several on my mind so made several cards.  First I made a background.

During the night before I made these I was given the idea that I wanted fall colors, a tree in navy, and a Bible verse.   That morning I found a tree image and figured out how to make it navy.  Then I did a Bible search online and found one on seasons.  All of us are in a season of life.   I printed the images on muslin (adhered to freezer paper) with my printer.  

I played around with fabrics until I decided on what I wanted to do.

Then I sewed my items down and added some leaf quilting.

I love the idea of these… my struggle is that I like the messy look but don’t pull it off when I get down to work.  I think I need more play time.

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