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My LaPetité Year

Last fall I jumped into the charm group called LaPetité and had a good time.

Here is my collage of all my quilts; 12 from October 2010 – September 2011 with my favorite as the large corner.  All but the last 3 months are quilted and bound.

Starting at the top: October 2010 - September 2011 going left to right. March is repeated in the big square.

To see all my blog posts for each month, click on the LaPetité tag just under this post.

Thanks to Sinta & Sherri for hosting and Rosie & company for the fun patterns!


I’m happy to celebrate this post…. #750!!  🙂

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September LaPetité

While I was getting ready for bed last night, it dawned on me that today was the last day of the month.  Yikes!! So early arise and shine for me and the first thing on the list was to finish my LaPetité project for the month.

I had made the center 9 blocks and had them together during our Saturday craft day.  Even tho it was here at my house this month, I saved this for that day as it is small and compact to have with me.

This morning I made the pieced border and added both borders.

This is the Schnibbles pattern, Nash, and I used Moda’s Together charm packs.   I found both the pattern and the charms at the Madison Quilt Show at the beginning of the month. This month was quilter’s choice and we could pick our own Schnibbles pattern. That was fun!

I was pretty sure this was the last month since we started with October last year but they say we have one more month.   So I’m on for #13 next!  October will be better on my schedule anyway!  🙂  I’m anxious to see the parades tomorrow at Sinta‘s & Sherri‘s to see what patterns everyone used!   See you there!

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June Recess

For the June LaPetité project we had our choice of patterns and I chose Schnibbles Recess.   I have fabric & charms that I purchased in May in Wisconsin but that includes border fabric.  Since this pattern doesn’t really have a separate border (it uses the background fabric), I made a quick run to a local quilt shop (the one east of Lori’s house, IYKWIM) and found this charm pack.

Love it!!  Of course, majoring in PINK, it was a hit with me.  I added a cream background and brown for the binding.

Even though I love custom quilting, this didn’t need much so I took it as another pantograph opportunity.   I chose a smaller pattern as the quilt is only 33 1/2″ x 40″.

A slightly off-white Superior So Fine thread for the quilting.

July 1 there will be a lot more of the Schnibbles quilts posted HERE & HERE.    Here’s hoping this is a prize month!  🙂

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Butter Churn November

I have the LaPetite project done for November.  This month I was only able to submit a completed top but not a quilted wallhanging.  By the time the pattern arrived in mid-November, there was a ton on my plate!!

Because I wasn’t thrilled with the pattern, I chucked my original plan of fabrics I had purchased on my Madison trip in September.   Instead I raided my charm stash.

At quilt guild, I’m in the charm square exchange.  Each month we bring a pair of 5″ squares per person in our group following the color for the month.  This is my collection.  I think I’ve been in the exchange for 3 years.

To make choosing easier, I kept with the basic colors of the pattern and chose these charm squares from my stash.

I made the inner churn dash blocks first.  Mostly to get the red over with!  🙂   I then redid how I’d do the other blocks as I’d rather make half-square triangles with 2 1/2″ blocks and trim them up after sewing.  So my red ones are sort of wonky….

Not too bad with the center done.   Looks tolerable in the picture!  🙂

I have the top done to submit to the group.  I’ll work at quilting it after this week passes.   😉

I think shopping for a binding will be interesting!  I like it now.  🙂

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For the Bare Wall….

Previously, I posted a plea for opinions as I had made a quilt for a bare spot in my kitchen but didn’t think it was going to fit so well.  Yes… because I didn’t measure first!!   😉

I decided to make the quilt as the pattern suggested and then add a covered / embellished button to hold back a corner for the light switch.  That gave me peace and I finished it.

I am loving an all-over quilting pattern book I have (link in yesterday’s post) and tried out some more designs on this wall hanging.  I used a varigated thread from Superior Threads.  Love their threads!!

I put a ruffled heart in the plain blocks like this:

1.  I drew a lopsided (not perfect on purpose) heart on the square with blue marker and stitched around that guide.

2. I made a tulip heart in the middle (heart with a loop for the center and then 2 leaves).

3. Then I stitched scallops around the outer edge of the heart.

In the 9-patch blocks, I did a heart sort of tulip on the diagonal so I could do a continuous line.

Here are 2 blocks together.

The border has freehand hearts


this is:

Boutique for a Bare Wall

(it is the Boutique fabric line by Moda)

and it ACTUALLY fits snug against the cupboard AND misses the light switch!!   🙂

(this is one time I really messed up being ‘the carpenter’s daughter’….)

I love the bright bit of color this adds to my kitchen!  K noticed it when she came home for Easter but no one else has.  Neither have they knocked it down.   🙂

I’m linking with….

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