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Special Tour

The company where JP is serving his 1st session of his co-op hosted an open house.  All FT-ers including co-ops were invited to bring family & friends.  We were quite excited for this opportunity.  The grands joined us.

This is such a big deal that we shut down harvest on a lovely fall afternoon — this is NOT something to be missed!  JP enjoys his work and has a fantastic team & manager this session.  We are so thankful.

No photography was allowed, our names were pre-screened the week before, we showed our birth certificates for proof of citizenship at the door, and there was a lot of security.  We even wore safety glasses!  It was a limited access tour but we saw more than we’d ever imagine or be able to ever comprehend.  The huge room with the layout for all the electrical systems of a new jet was so impressive.  Part of that list of things I never think about.  The myriad of wires, generators, and electrical work needed so many places.  It was all mind-blowing!  Over the months, he has explained some of it to us but it was great to see where he works, how the plant functions, the massive work done here – not so far away.

Quick photos afterwards as we headed out….



(I begged…. “please, a selfie in front of the fountains”….)







Once home, we were in the house for exactly 4 mins to get P changed and I delivered him back to the tractor.  JP came home as well and helped with hauling loads.   As the Great Creator would have it, we finished soybeans and got all our wheat planted before it was quitting time that night.  The next day, the rains began that took us out for a week.  Quite thankful for those big things done.

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A few bits of August ~


My phlox plant is large & loaded this year with fragrant blooms at the front door.



New specialty plates arrived!


The sweet corn was large & yummy & with the cooler temps the season lasted a bit longer.

IMG_20140801_185126 b

New kitties were born including an unusual brown one! (they only visited in the kitchen for a few minutes as I’m allergic to them)


Showing that the corn is so tall, the ears are up to my shoulders!


New beginnings!


Those left behind…


It was foggy at 6:30 a.m.!

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