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Winter Move-In

JP chose Friday, the 18th, to move back to college.  Very, very smart in hindsight!  To start with the weather was quite mild for January and the men even got warm hauling loads with temps just hitting 40′ F that day.

On the way to town….


Our hopeful plans all panned out like Moses parting the Red Sea!  Perfect parking outside the door for JP, great parking for us near the textbook center, NO ONE in line at the textbook center so we parents continued through to help JP find the right books (only students allowed past this point 🙂 ), perfect parking for our car right by JP’s.  Smooth as glass!

This textbook center had a million aisles and went on F O R E V E R!!  So extra thankful it was near EMPTY!  It took JP  1 1/2 hours for the fall semester books!   We do like that this university has a book rental fee, max of $71 per semester, so we don’t have the run-around of buying used online and trying to resell them later.  Even getting a fine for water damage is better than playing “Let’s Make a Deal” twice a year!


After getting all his books and lab books, sold at the bookstore we think because of one time use and usually compiled by the prof, we also found our perfect parking spot.  For the first trip in, I found the women’s bathroom in the lobby and waited for them to come back for load 2 from the warmth of inside.  Made note to self to never choose those lobby chairs for more than a 2 minute sit.  Stupidly hard but padded chairs.  The circles show my men.  Sorta.



This trip I went to the room with them.  I hung some clothes while they got another load and I made his bed… top bunk of course!   And kept cozy in the room.  They were down to tshirts when all was said & done.   🙂


Gotta love those perfect parking places, sunshine and no snow!

We had early supper together and headed home leaving JP his computer et al to set-up.  His suite mates didn’t return until Sunday but other friends were on the floor so he was fine.

His spring semester classes include Calc 2 and Chemistry.  Words I know but shh… I barely passed high school Chemistry. Other classes are Circuit Modeling 1 and Engineering Mechanics-Statics.  I have no idea what those mean!  🙂

The first day of  “Spring” semester gave him an actual temperature of -2′ F with a wind chill of -18′ F at 9 a.m. and an expected high of 9′ F that day!   To head to class he goes up the steep hill on the street, you are only seeing 1/2 of it, and then down to the class buildings.  Either way had to have been terribly cold wind.

But I love how happy he is there, he enjoys concerts, campus activities, has lots of friends, enjoys his Engineering Department profs, AND HE HAD A 4.0 GPA  last semester!!!!  

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A New Chapter

Last weekend we moved JP to his college.  He was all packed the day before so we just had some last minute loading that morning.  A lot of computer pieces and cables and connections – a little bit of clothes!  This cracked me up!  (yes, he took more clothes than this)  Such a change from when we moved our daughter to college over 5 yrs ago.  Our kids are so different from one another, it is amazing they have the same parents.

We left early after chores and got there about 9:30.  There were students there to get us in the queue line for unloading.  Some other students helped unload our car and a few things out of JP’s truck.  It all got to a pile in the grass as they had to move both vehicles immediately.

Phil & JP wandered to the parking lot and then had the 8 or so minute walk back.  It was near 90′ that day!  Then the trips up the hill and turns on the elevator began with just what they could carry each time.  I’m sure it wasn’t needed but I stayed in the shade with the pile.  I think they only made 3 trips and then on the last one, I went up with them.

This is before:

And this is almost after:

They lofted the bed and I put the sheets on it.  Now JP had the task of getting his computer all set-up.  His monitor is a bit big (really???) for the desk.  After we had lunch, they found a great bookshelf unit to put beside his desk to hold the monitor.  He said it works great!  The one is the photo is the not-so-great option and now he can have that shelving unit under his bed and be able to use the drawers.

There are 2 of them in his room; his roommate moved in about a month ago for football training.   Then another room with 2 guys share this kitchen with them.  There are LOTS of cupboards for them to stock w/ guy snacks.

Near the door is a bathroom w/ sink & toilet.  The other side has a bathroom with a shower.  Quite nice for 4 guys!!

JP has had a week of classes and is working to find his grove with the homework.  Only 2/5 of his classes are going to need extra work so we are sure he’ll settle in with that.  He likes the food – there are 3 different places he can eat with his meal plan.  He has his truck to use for getting around town but he is building his legs with all the walking on campus.

We came home to an empty nest and are adapting quite well!  Today the nest just got emptier as one of his birds found a new home.   One to go!  We plan to keep the dog 🙂  and she misses JP terribly!

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