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Even tho my week & month are swamped, I took 7 items to the fair this year.  Everything was done or nearly done, I didn’t make anything just for the fair.

I wasn’t really invested in it but still it is fun to enter and win ribbons.  I was gone so Phil had a list of my items and their categories and went to see the results Tuesday night.  I called & he reported!!

Not everything placed but that doesn’t really matter to me once he told me I had won a Best of Show ribbon!!  🙂

This is from the LaPetité group in December.  It was pieced but I hadn’t quilted it so I did that last week.  And in the matter of LACK OF TIME, I did a meander on the cream and plaid, hearts on the tan border, and a triple swag & pine bough on the aqua border.  Seriously, when I took it off the frame last Friday, I wasn’t happy with the quilting but it was finished.  hahaha!!

Today I took my friend, E, to the fair.  It was so nice to look at the quilts with a lady along.  🙂    Even better was her LOVING my quilt and not knowing it was mine.  ♥   She is so sweet to me!

This one  placed second behind the first one —

It really lays flat and I planned it more for a table runner than a wallhanging.  I designed the holly pattern.  It is micro quilted and uses my hand-dyed silk-cotton fabric.   I should have entered this in the original design category but didn’t see that when I did my entries.   Let’s just say, that was a goof!!  Ack!!

The acorn one like the above one got a first.   This photo is from the fall – not at the fair.  It belongs to my in-laws (for their anniversary on 10-10-10) but she let me enter it anyway.  {more detail here}

A few things didn’t even place but I’m OK with that.  I just grabbed something to fit the categories and really am THRILLED with just one ribbon as long as it is purple.  🙂

I have SO much to share about my week!  Stay tuned!!

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