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We had a super busy and fun weekend over Memorial Day.

Sunday evening we had our first bonfire of the season!




P & J combo

Just a few of the tries …

K & JP combo


And the apples didn’t fall far from the tree… horse-play!  But all ended well — he knows best and knows to be sweet to his sister.  🙂

Monday & Tuesday had P planting in bits between the rain & wet times and by Tuesday evening he had finished planting!!  Yeah!!  So glad to  f i n a l l y  be done!!

Miss K tried out her new mini-grill.  We grilled a bit and baked some and cooked in the skillet some.  But ended up with yummy meals!!  She made 2 barbeque-esque sauces that were oh.so.yummy!!  Both recipes will be further tweaked but became a lot like sauce with a meat carrier in my mind.  🙂


She helped me with decorating — first the shelf above my large kitchen window.

Kitchen shelf

Then a collection of things I had for my studio wall.  The shelf and many of these things she gave me for Mother’s Day.  I had a few other pieces waiting for her help in arranging. (The paisley circle is a clock but the hands don’t show up in the photo.)  I finally put photos in the collage frame.

Studio wall b

We had fun, ate well, and got jobs done.  A fun & tiring time together!!

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Last Saturday night, K came home after work.  I wasn’t going to bank on her being able to come until I got the text that she was heading out.  But she came!  We waited at Culver’s for her after church and she got there within 5 minutes of our arrival so it was great timing.

At home, she said we could decorate on Sunday and I was beyond thrilled!!  We started the morning with breakfast out at a new place to us, south of here about 1/2 hr.  It was busy so that was a good sign.  Clean & yummy food inside!

I ordered the Biscuit & Gravy Omelet.  Oh yes!!  I’d never had biscuits & gravy until moving out here and I love that dish!  This time wrapped in an omelet.

With hash browns, too!  Yum!  I couldn’t even eat it all.

At home, knowing that we had redone the basement after putting the Christmas tree away last year, K & I went excavating.  It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  We retrieved the boxes of decorations and dug to the tree, letting Phil pull it out of its spot.

In no time at all, K & I had it together (last year I bought a prelit and boy was that nice this time around!! 🙂 ) and she was getting the ornaments on it.  I arranged the tree skirt while she suggested I get a new one.  Haven’t done that yet……

We sorted through 2 boxes of snowmen that have lived in their boxes for at least 2 years.  She nicely arranged a few and gave the living room a touch of winter and we packed the others to visit Goodwill.  (They went on Tuesday and seemed to enjoy the ride.)

I had my new Christmas tree quilt out and hoped she’d help get it hung. Yes, but she had a better plan than I.  Finally the quilt that has been over the couch for.ev.er. came down, we moved the hanging holes a bit, cut a new dowel rod, dug out the beautiful sconces from a Christmas past and …

I am SO happy with this new arrangement!  Every day it is so much more pleasing to see than the previous version.  I love the peek of the tree reflecting in the mirror.  Nice photography.  🙂

I quickly made 2 Peach Berry Pies (duh!) for her birthday week.  She got to take one home and I had one here for the men.  (It was gone Monday as soon as JP got home from work.)  We had already delivered one birthday present to her work a few days earlier and after decorating, we had a few additions.

Once she was home, she had this all done….

Oh yes, we sent a HOT PINK Christmas tree to the Jewish business (snicker) and then added a silver glittery star, lime green, turquoise, and pink ornaments along with silver bells to the loot.  She was not expecting the delivery to her on Thursday (I WAS going to let her know a package was coming once I had the tracking info but never even got a shipping notice!)  and the others were all interested in seeing photos of this put together.  It is just perfect, I think!

The photo doesn’t do it justice… that dresser & ornaments are HOT turquoise.  🙂

She added a timer so that the lights are on when she arrives home.  Her place must glow.

Once again doubly thankful for her safe travel home as she passed a just-happened 5-car accident with the injured still crumbled inside.  😦  Thankful that I pulled her back in the house for a few minutes to see a special quilt I made this fall.  (no, still a surprise  😀 )

Always thankful for the time we have together!  ♥

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