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I enjoyed having a whole Christmas weekend this year!  Because of our Sunday/25th plans, I was working ahead the previous week.  On Tuesday when Phil suggested we inventory our gifts, I said I’d wrap with his help at the same time.   Wrapping was done on Tuesday!

Once I was home mid-afternoon on Thursday (from swim & errands), I cleaned the house to the point that we’d only need to do quick swipes on the weekend.  Friday was my side dishes cooking day (mashed pots, butternut squash, green bean dish (no carb casserole), and marinated vegetables) and Saturday was my dessert & breads cooking day (homemade crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, peach berry pie, and apple pie). Both days worked well!!  🙂

I was THRILLED when K called at 1:40 on Saturday that she was nearing the toll road for home!  The business was open until 4 but in a Christmas miracle (from the Jewish boss) she was allowed to leave that early.  JOY!!  She was home at 4, we unloaded her, and then all of us together went to church.  I don’t know when it was that the 4 of us rode together someplace.  JP was off of music duty for the weekend.

Sunday was leisurely (joy of adult kids).  I got the turkey in the oven and then we opened gifts.

K got an assortment of small gifts: hat blocks, I-tunes card, design & inspiration books while JP got a joystick for his IPod Touch and a very cool leather motorcycle jacket!!  (Nina got a new rope with balls attached.  She likes it but only if someone plays with her.)

Phil chose a new TV antenna and I picked out the AccuQuilt cutting system.  We both added other surprise gifts for each other.

Dinner was scheduled for 1:00 with Phil’s parents, his maternal uncle & aunt, cousin, wife, and 2 toddlers.  What fun we had!  K was in charge of decorating the tables and she knocked it out of the ball park!  I was thrilled and have the leftovers to still enjoy.   🙂   We had a buffet table in the kitchen that was also decorated.  (of course, it was even better with the candles lit)

After eating, Phil brought a 2-day old pig up for the cousins to see.

And then the 3 yr old (older one) entertained us with an on-the-spot story about his new pirate ship.   What a gem!!

I’m a newbie at videos so I’m sorry you have to tilt your head.  😀

Phil’s uncle is the orchid expert and brought me a new variety to add to my collection.  I now have 4 different kinds!!  🙂  They all bloom at different times so that spreads the fun over nearly the whole year now.

From looking in the gigantic orchid book they also brought me, I think the new plant is Oncidium Alliance but there are a few others that look sort of like it too.   This is the end of its blooming time and I didn’t get a photo of the blooms first. The plant had 3 large sprays of mini blooms in light lavender w/ yellow centers.   Each bloom was only like the tip of my pinky finger.  Mini!

Again thankful that K had Monday off, we enjoyed us being here Sunday evening.  K & I made 3 kinds of soup on Monday and froze most of it in flat bags for her to take home.  We made Wisconsin Cheddar, French Onion, and Cream of Zucchini.  All were so yummy!!

I’ve spent this inbetween week finishing some quilts, continuing on others, and starting some others!  I’ll keep you posted!  For now, it is time for  another wonderful weekend with both kids.  ♥

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Thanksgiving Food

I did a lot of cooking on Wednesday to make Thursday a bit easier.   On Wednesday, I baked butternut squash and made the mashed potatoes.  JP had peeled the potatoes the night before so it helped give me a better start on Weds.   Later in the day I made baked spinach but that was just to go with supper.  I baked a fresh batch of bread.

On Thursday, we first got the turkey in the oven.  Thankfully it was nearly thawed as many years I’ve dealt with a frozen bird!  😦   It was just 13# so not so much to man-handle.

K helped make our version of Panera’s Greek Salad.  That is JP’s usual choice whenever he is there.  K cleaned and tore up a large bowl of 3 kinds of lettuce.  We had sliced red onion, kalamata olives, diced cucumbers, and feta cheese in bowls so everyone could add whichever toppings they liked best.  I made a recipe for “their” dressing and it mixed up so much better than last year’s version!

K had the great idea to make croutons!  She cubed some of the fresh bread from the day before and we toasted it in the oven. The turkey didn’t mind sharing the heat.   The croutons turned out sooo very yummy as after toasting we then browned them up in a skillet with butter & garlic infused olive oil which we did ourselves and some herbs.

I made a pan of brocolli & cauliflower with cheese sauce.

After the turkey came out of the oven, we put in the veggies, the squash, and the potatoes to get them all warmed up. The gravy I had made last week was heating on the stove.

I only got one quick chance at a picture as everyone was hungry when it was finally ready.   Phil voted (alone) to remove the candles as the table was too full.

It was a yummy meal and we’ve been enjoying the leftovers!  Phil wasn’t too full for pie so had his piece of Peach Berry Pie right after lunch.  My sliver was all I needed to just get a taste.  K & JP enjoyed pie for an afternoon snack.

K packed a few boxes of leftovers to take home as we cleaned up the table.  This morning I made turkey tettrazzini for the men from the rest of the turkey.  I have 3 meals in the freezer for them.   Only a bit of squash & the salad remain but will vanish in a few more meals.

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