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Easter 2016

I was thankful that one’s spring break was the traditional week before Easter this year so he was home about 10 days. ¬†ūüôā ¬† The other one just had Sunday off but got off work a bit earlier on Saturday than normal and was home by 6:45 p.m. so we had time to visit and sit before I turned into a pumpkin and headed to bed!

We all went to the early service at church so dinner would not need to be so late. ¬†By the time we were home, P’s parents were home from their service and came over for dinner.

family 6 B

We had —
— home-grown ham (I never have served this for a holiday before as it is a regular free food for us. ¬†But free was key and the kids don’t get it all the time anymore!)
— smashed potatoes (usual recipe, just unpeeled yellow yukon potoates and smashed not whipped in the mixer)
— gravy ¬†(from homemade chicken broth)
— french style green beans
— Gma brought pickles, olives, and cheese cubes
Cheesecake with toppings – the yummiest and lightest cheesecake I’ve ever made! ¬†Gluten-free as well for one. ¬†It disappeared and I have a new & 10″ springform pan on my wish list as my pan leaks in the water bath even with 2 layers of foil! ¬†(And 9″ is really very small for this!)
*I made a cooked, dried fruit mix for a topping and apparently I’m the only one interested in such an idea. ¬†Not that I’m supposed to eat dried fruit! (too much sugar)
* I had out a can of cherry pie filling for a topping and that vanished!
*Gingersnap cookie crumbs with vanilla & butter and toasted in a pan a bit for those that were missing crust to the cheesecake.

table B

The grands enjoy it when the kids are home.  They get to have a meal here and have plenty of time to visit.

grands K JP b

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Easter 2015

A few photos after Easter dinner here at our house —

And remember the rule here is no cats in the house!  :\  *achoo!!!!*  This one stayed on these 2 laps and soon was back outside to the buildings.

brownie 01

“Brownie” loves to be petted, held, and loved. ¬† All remain outside – and not near the house – cats. ¬†(they get special attention when the kids visit)

brownie 02 brownie 03

My MIL brought over her “winter project” to show to me. ¬†I was so surprised!! ¬†This is her first quilt ever! ¬†She didn’t tell me she was doing this and never asked for help. ¬†She said her mom would be proud and I said her DIL is very proud!! ¬†I will quilt and finish it for her.

Gma first quilt

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Easter 2010

Our Easter celebrating started on Saturday.  Our church did spontaneous baptisms again (last Easter was the 1st time) and some of us were helpers.

JP & I headed out at 4:10 p.m. for early service. ¬† I handed out tshirts and JP helped direct traffic. ¬†After we finished the service, K had arrived from work ¬†ūüôā ¬†and Phil had come to join her for the 2nd service. ¬†(We were so happy that K was able to leave work by 4:30 so she could arrive at a decent time and even better, in time for church!)

As the 2nd service started, JP headed home and I went upstairs for some cheese slices & veggies that were provided for those helping in the services.  I was so thankful for that as I had forgotten snacks and was getting shaky by then.   I joined Phil & K for the rest of the service and then handed out tshirts after the baptisms again.

At our 6 campuses, we had 14 Easter services.  Attendance was just over 4,800 and 327 people were baptized!!

Of course, K & I talked later into the night than normal bedtimes… ¬† ūüėČ

On Sunday, Phil’s parents joined us for dinner.

I made Family Style chicken, Baked Spinach, Green Beans, Coleslaw, SF cheesecake with fresh strawberries, and chocolate chip bars.  I think it was yummy and everyone gave nice compliments.

After lunch, K shared pictures from work with Gma & Gpa. ¬†They enjoy hearing about her work. ¬†Recently K made a veil special for a bride and so she had 2 pictures of that. ¬†The bride was SO excited she cried and gave K a hug!! ¬† ūüôā ¬†The bride was wearing her mother’s dress that K’s business had altered/modernized¬†and the veil K made coordinated perfectly!

K had also brought Gma & I our own copies of Chicago Style Brides magazine. ¬†Huge & beautiful bridal ¬†pictures!! ¬†Now that K has worked there for over 7 months (!!), she now is finding some of “her” brides in the magazine. ¬† ūüôā

I asked my FIL to take some family pictures outside for me. ¬†However, it was very windy and a bit glarey so I’m not extra happy about any of them. ¬† Here is one that is suitable for sharing:

(and to think, this is the best dud…)

Later in the afternoon, Phil & K headed to the theater to see Alice in Wonderland. ¬†Phil said it was better than he expected and they both enjoyed it. ¬† Then they got K’s groceries for the week.

I was so thankful K didn’t have to head back home on Sunday night! ¬†A few weeks ago she asked if she could trade her Weds day off for a Monday and it worked out for this weekend!! Even better on a holiday for us! ¬† ūüôā

Phil & I met with our accountant on Monday morning (he comes here) and then I baked bread after lunch and we made the fixings for K’s lunches for the rest of the week.

After an early supper, JP headed to band practice at church and K headed back to the city.  Both in the rains!!  Thankfully K called at 8:45 home & all unloaded and JP arrived just after 9 p.m. from the driving rain.

We did get severe storms last night but the 2 bouts of hail didn’t cause any damage. ¬†Just south of us about 10 miles had¬†tornadoes¬†and damage so we are thankful for our safety.

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