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I finally sent a box of JB to Ohio… Just Because.   My mom invented that I think.   😉  But this time 1/2 of the box was for her and 1/2 for my sister-in-law.

Mom FINALLY got her triple-third-place pillowcases!

Just because the judges didn’t like them didn’t mean the family won’t love them.  🙂   My parents have lots of hummingbirds visit their deck!

My sister-in-law received her long-awaited napkins in the fabric that matches her future placemats.    I don’t have a picture of them…  just napkins.

I also made a table topper out of her coordinating fabrics of the placemats.  Word has it the quilt has gone to the lower living quarters and that is just fine as well!  Just so she enjoys it!!   🙂

I worked out the details on my EQ7 and started with a 9″ paper-pieced star.   This is the Connecticut Star from Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars book.  Yes, I love that book and now that I have the CD to print the patterns MY size, I think I’ll use it more often!   SIL was born (or just raised?) in Connecticut and I liked the design for her fabrics.  It is 24″ square.

My boysenberry hand-dyed fabric was PERFECT for a sashing and outer border.  Her napkin fabric is the navy print.  May I just say I lovelovelove mitered borders!!

I used wool batting so that it would poof around the quilted areas.  The star just has 3 rings of freehand loops and then quilting 1/4″ away from the edge.   I used my fun gridded background loops in the setting triangles.   The turquoise border pattern is one from Joanie Poole’s books.  Just imagine…. traced my design onto turquoise fabric with the blue washout marker! LOLOLOLOL!!  You can laugh… I understand.  I thought I’d go cross-eyed but sort of just fumbled my way along, hoping it would look OK in the end.

I love these little surprises and could hardly stand the wait until they were done and delivered!

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