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Hello Mom!

All the planets aligned and we took a short trip to visit my mom in Ohio.  (JP could be home, live-in, love on the dog best, know chores w/o training, catch the in-laws if needed, know how to deal with any power outage (did), and snow plowing.  So thankful!!  Adult kids just rock these things!!)

I took this embroidery project for mom & me to share.  Before we left, I traced all the embroidery onto the background and basted it to another layer of fabric to help with show-through.  I took a small tote to keep it all contained and she can take it with her if needed.  Hoops, needles, all the floss, instructions, the paper pattern if needed, and choices of scissors.  She has good eyes and good dexterity to handle all this.  🙂   And she enjoys hand work!  pattern image

She can do the embroidery at her own pace and her own rules. I hope I stressed that enough.  NO deadline, NO police overseeing her work or mine!  Later, I’ll piece the blocks and finish it.  The center embroidery is about 8″ x 30″.  Now, if I was smart, I’d piece those blocks now.  *sigh*

I also made a half-size notebook for her to follow along with the 365/30 lists; yes, really this year it is 366 days and I remembered to add that!  Each day is a prompt for a list.  Top 5 flavors of ice cream.  Friends you went to school with.  Plans for the month.  etc.  I roughly have done this for a bit over 2 yrs.  I’m hit & miss so usually do a few days at a time.  And I took her a selection of pens so she could have a new one and have a feel of the pen that she likes.

We spent over an hour “in the cedar chest”, though contrary to my SIL’s wonderment, we were not literally IN the chest.  It was fun to look and peruse the important things to her she keeps there.  She had things to give me but others she just asked and put that on my list but she wasn’t ready to send it home with me yet.  Later, I took Phil there and he fixed the safety chain so the open lid doesn’t fall on anyone’s head.

I had my new Doxie Go scanner with me for such a case as this.  A first anniversary letter to my parents from her mom.  Super sweet!

first anniv letter page 2 B

I wanted to stop and see the chapel where we were married.  It wasn’t a great day for photos and I promised P no pix so he willingly drove us there.  But then I DID want photos so P took some with mom & me.  But obviously we didn’t dress for photos.



The chapel was locked but I suppose one benefit to the cloudy day was that we (and my camera) could see in and the inside doors were open for a good view.


A lot has changed in 32 years on the seminary campus!  I’d not seen this set of stones for the Wall of Remembrance.  Behind this memory area, I saw our childhood swimming pool has since been removed.  Mom received a family membership with her work at the university.




We are so thankful that my brother & sister-in-law have mom living with them.   The days can be long & quiet for her but the meals are delicious from that kitchen and their activity and meals home with her are good.  They are perfect care-givers.  Two of their sons and their families came for supper one night.  The great-grands are growing like weeds and are taking on the double-digits with ease and lots of food.


Special thanks to my dear brother & SIL for packing and sending MY bag that was accidentally left behind in the garage while P packed the car.  #criedfor4days   It arrived safe and sound a few days later!  (brand-new doxieGo, brand-new tablet, my 2 filofaxes that hold 3 journals, book, new & old pages for journals…. A framed print is still there waiting for TLC traveling conditions)

P was glad that dSIL asked if he could “fix this”.  Oh yes!  He was so glad they asked. P had already mentioned while we were packing that he hoped they had jobs for him.  With that willingness, my dB had a job for the next day as well.  It is hard for us to plan ahead, with leaving in winter weather and the health of his parents, but my brother needs a running list for next time.

left but received

We headed home on Sunday as they headed to church.  Me in my ‘no hairstyle, no make-up, sweatpants’ for travel.  Mom looking lovely and nearly ready for church!



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I just saw this video posted on The Quilt Show.  It is the creator of the Bernina Award Quilt, Radiance.  So fascinating to hear her describe the quilt (well, fascinating to me) and thought you might want to see this too.

Radiance Quilt creator

I do not think you have to register to see the TQS blog and to see this link.  But I am not sure.

I didn’t notice that the diamonds were pieced first.  Such beautiful work!

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The quilt guild will have a shop at our quilt show next month.  (October 17, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)  We are all donating some things we’ve made or fabric or previously read magazines to sell.

I made these 2 embroidered clutches.


I like to use them as cosemetic bags in my purse.  Mine has the spare set of keys, contact solution, and a lipstick in it and it isn’t full.


They zip closed and the tab has a magnetic snap on it.


I was going to put $15 each on them.  What do you think?

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I’ve been hunkering down in my sewing room any spare bit of time I get (getting projects done for the fair) so not much blogging …or cleaning for that matter!

I think I had returned to my sewing room by Wednesday last week.  So this was done on Thursday:

fair 2A new cosemetic bag for my purse… because I changed purses and need a matching one.  😉  It is about 5″ long.  A zipper closes the bag across the top and the tab comes across and has a magnetic snap.

Friday I finished 6 coasters that coordinate with the kitchen.  (However, you can’t see the kitchen re-do yet because the kitchen needs cleaned!)

fair 3I’ll only enter 4 but I have 6 in case we have soup when company is over.  🙂

fair 4I liked this quilting design… it echoes the movement of the pinwheel.

Sunday I finished this appliqued and quilted purse/small tote.  It has 6 pockets inside.  I love the batik fabrics and the beads on the clematis!

fair 5

Monday I finished this pillow.  I actually had done 2 of the 4 blocks last year so just had to finish the other 2 and put it all together.  These are 6″ New York Beauty blocks, paper pieced on freezer paper.  The 2 I just did, I used the new method of paper piecing without stitching on the paper.

fair 6

Tuesday I finished the embroidery on this denim jacket.  I love the little pink tassels.  They are loose like fringe!  🙂

fair 7The front has a little bouquet.

fair 8Sorry for the poor picture… it is dark so hard to get the color/flash right on my camera.  And I’m tired.  🙂   But I wanted to show you the back styling.  That is why I chose this feminine design.

fair 9Up close of the back of denim jacket.

I’ve also volunteered for 3 mornings at the 4-H office to get paperwork done for them before the fair next week.

JP is working on a lapbook for his advanced computer project and taking good care of his pigs for the swine show.  Now if I could only find the big bottle of baby shampoo I know I saw within the last year.  I thought… Oh good, we don’t have to buy any for JP’s pigs this year.  However…. we can’t find it now!

I’m tired of my allergies and must head to bed soon…..

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I really like this pillow I embroidered for Phil’s sister.   It is like the ones I did for our living room this summer but a smidgen smaller.   Thankfully I was able to shrink each of the embroideries for the smaller circle.  Yeah computer software!!


This pattern is from the Aquamarine Ambience book.   It took 5 hoopings but aren’t too hard to line up.  Plus with shrinking it 10%,  I had more room to work in the hoop.  It stitched out in 3 1/2 hrs!!  Yikes!

It is dark blue and very dark green center circle with 3 creams in the threads and a hint of pink.  

I love the ruffles like that we learned at Embroidery Club.  They are a hassle to do but always seem worth it in the end.

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Last time I was at Galena, Jane had Christmas decorations and ideas for us.


A table runner on black linen, and embroidered angel, and embroidered sleigh & reindeer!  

 Close-ups of the table runner:






I have the embroidery card for the sleigh & reindeer and she said the table runner designs are free from the Bernina website!  🙂

This is our 2009 Block of the Month in process.  Lots of paper piecing but she showed us a great way to paper piece without sewing on the paper!  Who’d have thunk it?  


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