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March Sunset

Many evenings in March have given us stunning colors in the west sky in the evening.  Finally I grabbed the camera and ran out for photos!  As you know… the photos don’t do it justice!

the 11th ~

sunset 1


the 16th ~
Mar 16 (1) b

And I had a few walks outside…..
The Farmer is working on the planter a bit at a time…. and these wimps think they need a cushion and to keep him company!

farm cats
He took this photo on his phone another day ~
cat in the box March b
And while I almost got a photo of the dog & me upclose with P in the background, the dog just doesn’t like selfies!!  So P came to help me…. and we have a family of 3 photo!  This was the best I could get.  Such a goofy dog!

March 2016 b

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Easter 2015

A few photos after Easter dinner here at our house —

And remember the rule here is no cats in the house!  :\  *achoo!!!!*  This one stayed on these 2 laps and soon was back outside to the buildings.

brownie 01

“Brownie” loves to be petted, held, and loved.   All remain outside – and not near the house – cats.  (they get special attention when the kids visit)

brownie 02 brownie 03

My MIL brought over her “winter project” to show to me.  I was so surprised!!  This is her first quilt ever!  She didn’t tell me she was doing this and never asked for help.  She said her mom would be proud and I said her DIL is very proud!!  I will quilt and finish it for her.

Gma first quilt

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Sunday was a quiet day for us (after 15 days of busy somewhere), it was sunny 🙂 , and 40’F!!  P had a bit to do outside (20 mins worth) so I walked around with him.

Point of reference… sunny & 40′ is good for January but with the wind, I still had on 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, a hooded sweatshirt, winter jacket, gloves, and my Muck boots.


Three of the 4 kitties just born the beginning of July… very good cats – they are big! … except they haven’t learned yet to not come to the house yard, don’t climb someone’s legs (without coveralls this hurts he says!), but they are good hunters!



This happens to salesmen too…..



And Miss Pyrenees chose the last snow drift for a rest period.  She loves the cold & snow!




(She doesn’t like her photo taken… seriously, DOG!)


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Kitties & A Dog

One of our cats decided to ditch the barn and had her kitties in a tight spot in the finishing building this summer. Now about 2 months old, they still stay in the finishing building area despite The Farmer’s attempts to move them back to the barn.

He has taken to checking on them and now feeding them while he is there for chores.



The momma cat & 3 kitties came to eat.

04The fourth was lingering outside and came in soon as well.

20140914_173822 B

Nina stays out!


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