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Sign Painting — Now Planted!

I finally got the names added to the sign on Friday, the 17th.   My MIL came over that morning to see as FIL had told her he was watching the progress.  She likes it and thought it was quite the undertaking.    I told her I had just wondered while painting the names if I should add in Joyce, Sue, Lizzy, and I didn’t know Henry’s wife’s name.  There must be a story as “we don’t want ‘her’ name tho so it would have to be the 2nd wife’s name”.   I see.  Alrighty.

The name painting was tedious and rotten on the arm & shoulder muscles so I took breaks often.  First I traced the names with the carbon paper and then came back with a tiny paintbrush to paint them.  I was sitting on one of my buckets as that made a pretty good height for me.   Once I got to the end of each name, I could go back and give each one a second coat.

Phil came to check and I asked if he realized that only Henry has 5 letters to his name and the rest of them have 6 letters.  The look on his face told me he couldn’t care less and NO he had never thought of that before. 🙂

Then last weekend was rainy & yucky so this fair-weather-gal stayed inside.   On Tuesday, I put the dots between the names and did any final touch-ups.  A few hours later, Phil came to the garage and called for me that he was ready to plant the sign.  He had already re-dug the holes.

He had this idea and I just played along… I drove slowly and he held the sign like this in the back end.  I was being careful so just grabbed the camera and tried one shot out the back window (one handed while I drove and looked forward) ….

Firmly planted & leveled and only a bit of someone’s muddy hands across the top.   It was nearly sad to leave it out along the road in the drizzle!

A landscaper, I am not.  Hopefully this won’t look bad here for long.

We are just home from JP’s scholarship awards program.  (  l  o  n  g   )   I tried to have one man take pictures of me and the other man at the sign.  We were dressed up for the most part.  It was windy.  My hair is blowing.  😦   No pictures to share.   I need a female around here….

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Sign Painting Days 3 & 4

Day 3 (Wednesday) gave me about 30 minutes of painting time.  After breakfast, Phil & I moved the sign to the garage as rain was forecast for the day.   I was gone most of the day but in the late afternoon, took a bit of time to continue working.  I started to fill in the barn and also bought dark blue paint.  I had small group that evening but before I went in, I remembered to text Phil to set a trap in the garage.  :\

Day 4 (today) meant I really had to get cracking on this job! Phil & I moved the sign to just outside the garage.  (No need to be RIGHT beside the garage mouse that said Hi to me on Wednesday.)  😦     I worked about 1 1/2 hrs this morning and made some progress.  It was at this point I was ready to paint the barn roof and couldn’t find any brown paint!  I was SURE I had it.  I didn’t.

Thankfully, I found that the more local Menards sells those little sample bits of paint too.  Whew!

Tonight I did the barn roof and some touch-ups here & there.   Tonight, soon after I went out to continue painting, I heard the trap snap.  NOT a nice sound.  I think MM9 heard it snap.    🙂

Pardon the flash glare, I worked past dark on it.  And my outside spotlights aren’t working.  Dan…. ?  Are you busy? LOL!

Tomorrow morning I will HAVE to get the family names traced and start painting them.  Tedious, to say the least!

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Sign Painting Day 1 and 2 —

After the rain on Sunday night, I surveyed the sign on Monday morning.   There were 3 areas with yellow streaks and some paint had bubbled along the bottom ledge.   😦    So Monday morning, I repainted these areas with a sponge brush.  I was in no mood to get another roller messed up.

While that was drying, I finished working on the design. (plus made lunch, picked up Phil from 15 mins away where he took a tractor to be worked on) I had it spread out on the living room floor.

I’m using the lettering I traced off for the top banner but printed the first names off the computer for the bottom.  I’m going to try to mostly freehand them.   :\   We’ll see….

Thankfully, JP knew how about a computer program where I could input my barn drawing (from the internet) and have it blow it up to 2 pages x 2 pages.  Slick!  And then when I kept messing up the side of the barn, I could just reprint that page.  🙂

I love the barn drawing I found but the perspective seemed off.  In hindsight, I think it was just me…  But anyway, I sent an email to Dad and searched online for perspective tutoring.   Between Dad & my thinking, I got it figured out.  🙂   Glad he could help!!  It was one of those things where I needed an understanding ear.   Mostly I needed a vanishing point so that I could have the perspective right to get the quilt block on the side of the barn.   Important matters!!!  🙂

Next I decided it would be easier to use carbon paper to transfer my design instead of coloring the back of my pattern w/ pencil lead and then transferring!  Ack!!   I couldn’t find my carbon paper and really it could be gone.  Who needs that these days?

I called my MIL but the answering machine didn’t pick up when she didn’t answer.   Path 2 to her, I wrote a note and put it in FIL’s truck.  I found him to let him know my search need and he said he’d look over lunch as she was out with the WMS ladies.   His search turned up nothing at noon but he returned about 3 p.m. with a package of carbon paper!! (While I waited, I quilted the table topper like a mad-woman and had it done in 2 1/2 hours!) MIL had returned home and my request sent her diving in the antique piles in the basement. Lo & behold… a package of carbon paper.   I barely used one piece.

I headed out to work on the transfer process.  Seemed like a dreadful job but it went better than expected.  I had it all transfered except the names & date at the bottom in 50 mins.

I’m most excited about the barn & the barn quilt.  🙂  Phil likes the barn because it is more like the original one of the family farm.  I think the whole sign is about the heritage we have here and the bigger, more realistic barn goes along with that.

Today I awoke knowing it was time to start painting!  I’m OK with the coloring book style of filling in the jumbo shapes.  The details, shading, and lettering have me a bit on edge.

The dog guarding her food & hunted  finds… IRRITATING!!! Argh!!!

I worked 2 hours (was surprised I was out that long) and have the top banner painted twice and the pig is painted.   Basically, most of the black areas.   Blogging, a cup of hot cocoa, and getting lunch made are this next hour.

FIL is hauling manure so he is in & out the lane frequently.  I hope he enjoys the process!! LOL!!

Do you have a small amount of navy/dark blue latex paint I could use?  Just need a bit.

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Getting Started…

One of my projects for the summer has been to repaint the farm sign at the end of our lane.  If you’ve been past, you know how AWFUL it has looked for several years.  😦    However, I pushed it to my September list when the heat & humidity was too much in July & August.

One day a few weeks ago, I took a variety of papers to the sign to see what would work best for tracing off some main features.  Today I taped long sheets of paper together.

Phil dug around the posts.

This is so embarrassingly bad!

Phil got the sign out and to the backyard.

Nincomepoop & I had the shovels and the camera.

The tracing went better than expected.  The sign is drying from the good scrubbing I gave it and I’ll work on primer next.    And I’ll try to keep you posted.  🙂

There are a few reasons I’m not hiring the original painter for this redo:

  • the cost
  • he moved away
  • he ticked. me. off. — while doing the original painting, he subsequently sold my idea to another farm family and had their sign done BEFORE MINE!! 😦  Argh!!

The farm centennial was in 1997 and I think I bought this sign in 1996 but maybe it was 1998.

I had hoped for a daughter or niece to totally redo the design but that hasn’t happened.  So I will take a bit of creative license and  make a few slight changes.  First off, adding a quilt to the side of the barn!!   The Ohio Star pattern seems appropriate, don’t you think?

The rest of the list this week includes quilting a table topper, finish piecing a fall Schnibbles for Le Petite @ Pink Pincushion, finish my fabric paper cover and book for my Round Robin Journal,  dye some fabric, make 12 more breakfasts, 7 lunches, & 5 suppers (they can have leftovers sometimes), and keep the place relatively clean.

ETA: 6 p.m. Sunday night —

Today I got 2-3 layers of primer on and then did 2 coats of white to the front and 1 coat on the back.   Within 20 mins of getting the second coat on, the rain came.   A 20% chance and I happened to be part of the 20%.   I’ll survey the damage in the morning….

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