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My nephew’s wife and children had a long 4-day trip back home this summer and we got to be one night’s stop!  The kids are great little travelers and this was a shorter drive to get to here than their other 8 or 10 hour days of driving.

Supper included fresh corn for those that wanted it and Miss L just melted into her ears of corn as if she was the melted butter!  She was delighted!


After supper, Uncle Farmer farm tour included a combine ride.  Oh the delight!  These children can smile from the inside out!  They made at least 5 loops around the bins and went a bit up the lane and turned around in the yard.  The horn worked ~ much to their giggles!  They got to see pigs and kitties too.



I gave a tour of my studio.  Their momma had never seen such a machine and the littles were thrilled to know that *I* am the one that made their quilts.  When we came back upstairs, it all clicked with Miss L and she wandered the living room noticing all the quilts, understanding a bit more about them and who made them.  🙂  Sweetness!

The next morning came with an early wake-up call as momma quickly packed up the car again.  It was a cool summer morning so I gave snuggles.   🙂     (Two of us don’t do mornings!)


And when the fleece car blanket needed to unwrap and be put in the car, I wrapped one in a quilt.  Golly, all she would have had to do was asked to keep it and I think I would have sent it home with her.  What a lovebug!



I’m pretty sure now they are old enough to not forget visiting with Uncle Farmer and Auntie J~!

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Little Visitors

On Monday my friend, Sarah, came to visit bringing her 5 little munchkins to the farm. They had been here a few years ago but it was cold & windy that day.  Monday was a much better day for seeing the sights!

Of course, Sarah & I love to see each other for IRL visits!  A12 didn’t bring his monkey back for repairs this time so it was just a fun visit – no sewing.   😉

After lunch, we visited the pigs as her 3 y/o had talked all the way here about seeing pigs.  We saw some of the big ones and then Farmer Phil showed us the baby ones.  She loved looking at all the pens of baby pigs.

M3 had petted this pig and was OK but not overly eager.  Thankfully, this was a quiet one and never squealed at us.   Is she not just super cute?!?!?

(I was just super excited when the littles let me hold them and help out!)

Then we walked down to see the pigs behind the barn and crossed the creek to walk out a waterway, closer to the fields.  First we saw the wheat field up close.  (it is behind us, we didn’t want to go IN it and hurt the crop)

The older 3 headed back to the house to play and I showed the littles how tall the corn really is!

M3 liked walking in there (back about 4 rows) and I’m surprised her mom could see her for this picture.

On the way back we took the long way around the bins and when we got to the shed, I was surprised that both of them were so interested in the tractors!  The first time, I had to help M3 into the tractor and up on the seat.  Then A8 came and tried out the combine seat with D1 so M3 wanted to change seats as well.

Then back to the tractor and this time everyone climbed in on their own – happy to be up high!

Little D1 reallyreally liked the tractors and let us know he did NOT want to leave!

Sarah was so sweet in bringing me an early birthday gift – 2 summer candles.  🙂  Very fun & they smell great!

All too soon, they headed back to the ‘burbs but it was a wonderful visit!

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