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White Dog or Not?

Is the farm dog white and clean?


Or does she….


go wading/swimming on a 55’F day (real feel was 43′ though)



in February?  (whoa!!! Such a heat wave!  When does that happen here??)


Or does she mostly go digging and come inside at supper time like this?  (she didn’t stay in the kitchen after photos!)







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Not for the House

This spring’s kitties have found it quite fun to hang out at the back door when it is dark and they know P is in the house.  I am allergic to cats so they aren’t allowed inside.  Neither do I want to have a pile at the door every time anyone (me especially, b/c this is my blog and life is all about me, right? I know not!)  needs to go in or out.   My back door is just for us but FIL uses it too.  Please, I prefer guests to use the front door.  🙂

Meanwhile, the other night after P put the dog in the barn for bedtime and checked the buildings, he bought in an armload. This is only 3/8 of the 2015 kitties but they are big!  And friendly.   And would LOVE being in the house.   Now that the cat-whisperer is on her own, we have super-friendly cats.  It makes no sense!

I think these are Mary (first named Larry and then she needed to be Mary), her brother Daryle, and her other brother Daryle.

3 kitties Sept 22
He is smiling because he thinks this is funny.  I don’t!  We have been having “no deck” lessons for a few nights now.  😀  Lessons are between me & the cats.

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Little Pig

This little piggie got her own box.


This little piggie got held by me!  ♥


This little piggie was moved to a pet carrier.  ?????   (city-people)


This little piggie took a ride in the car.03

This little piggie went to (public) school!


This little piggie went right to sleep midst all 150 K-1st graders squealing with joy at her presence!

It would be fun to see photos from the school or if someone had a video of all this.  But it was great to hear the story when the man brought the pig back from her field trip to the city.

(Just ONE little piggie got to visit the kids.  Not all of them!)

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We had a super busy and fun weekend over Memorial Day.

Sunday evening we had our first bonfire of the season!




P & J combo

Just a few of the tries …

K & JP combo


And the apples didn’t fall far from the tree… horse-play!  But all ended well — he knows best and knows to be sweet to his sister.  🙂

Monday & Tuesday had P planting in bits between the rain & wet times and by Tuesday evening he had finished planting!!  Yeah!!  So glad to  f i n a l l y  be done!!

Miss K tried out her new mini-grill.  We grilled a bit and baked some and cooked in the skillet some.  But ended up with yummy meals!!  She made 2 barbeque-esque sauces that were oh.so.yummy!!  Both recipes will be further tweaked but became a lot like sauce with a meat carrier in my mind.  🙂


She helped me with decorating — first the shelf above my large kitchen window.

Kitchen shelf

Then a collection of things I had for my studio wall.  The shelf and many of these things she gave me for Mother’s Day.  I had a few other pieces waiting for her help in arranging. (The paisley circle is a clock but the hands don’t show up in the photo.)  I finally put photos in the collage frame.

Studio wall b

We had fun, ate well, and got jobs done.  A fun & tiring time together!!

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Crop Prelude

Every year getting into the sweet corn patch is sort of like a prelude of the real crop to come for Phil.

Last night he picked our first ears of sweet corn.

Visually… not too good.  Those missing kernels are from the poor pollination because of the drought.

The taste — even worse.  Dry, no flavor, ugh.  The future harvest seems dim.  We do have something and for that we are thankful.  Just don’t expect me to mail you corn this year.  😉

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Weekend Visitors

My nephew brought his wife & 3 littles to visit the farm this weekend. Josh tractor ride Josh got to ride with Uncle Phil to another farm to take feed to the pigs!  Delightful!!

josh & sam visit nina

Josh & Sam visit with Nina.

lucy snackLucy was quite good at feeding herself.  It could be I’ve just forgotten milestones & ages but she seemed to do well for 21 months.

reading with lucyI was talking with K while the kids had baths. However, once Lucy was out she backed down to me with her book.  It was fun!! 🙂  She brought a book for olders so we paraphrased.

Saturday a.m. they got to see little & big pigs and Josh had his tractor ride.  In the afternoon, they played out by the swing set & took a walk.  Uncle Phil was working in the shed and let Josh have another ride.  This time Josh got to steer which sounded like a huge hit to him!!  His dad said he wouldn’t be driving for a long time yet.  😉

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