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She Keeps Working

While K is putting in over 50 hr weeks at her job, when she started there she also had a few freelance jobs to finish.

One client found her at the summer designer show on Daley Plaza.  (That sure netted extra contacts well!  Two deliveries for a top Federal Judge there! Yahoo!!)

This client was designing outfits for a Macy’s show and asked K to provide hair accessories for the models.  K said later this was a much bigger deal than she realized at the start!

One model had a hat designed and made by K —

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K has just loved her hat making classes and she has a wonderful teacher!  This semester with Headwear Design II, the students had a place to display their hats for sale in a local gallery.  


K submitted 11 hats but I can’t point them out to you in these pictures.   We have heard about most of them.  

We were thrilled she sold 2 hats from the gallery!!  Yeah!!


After a week at the gallery, there was a big closing reception.  A reporter was there for a local fashion (online) magazine at K’s invitation and 2 of K’s friends came in support of her.   Very sweet!!



I love how they suspended the hats.  A great display plus ease of fittings!


I think this must be the class.  I love that many of them had hats on for the evening event!  🙂




Another part of that week for K was the school’s Fashion Show.   She was asked by another senior student (Arushi) to design and make a hat for one of Arushia’s outfits in the show.  A HUGE DEAL!!!

This is K modeling the hat while everything is still in process, so the student could see it: 


Both hat pieces are from wool felt.  

Here you can see the back of the coat/dress has a profile which was the inspiration for the hat having the black profile of a face.fashion-show-hat-2


K got to see the dress rehearsal of the fashion show (tickets to attend the Fashion Show are quite pricey) and snapped a few pictures of the model with the whole outfit.  



K says the model has the black part back too far but she hoped they corrected that for the actual shows.  

Next week is K’s final critique week so this week has had her busy finishing more purses, more hats, and more accessories.   🙂

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