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We enjoyed the wonderful “May” weather in February by doing family things outside.


Today we went to the Rock Island Arsenal for a tour.   We enjoyed the museum. We hadn’t been there since JP was young but he remembered this wall of guns & rifles from America’s whole history.  Of course, he remembered.  In his blood from early on!


This is where all the DOD targets are printed even today!  Isn’t that amazing?





I liked this quote from Mark Twain describing the island… 3 miles x 1/2 a mile.  Still the vast stone buildings and a lot of trees. Beautiful!


The National Cemetery
The chimes were playing “God Bless America” while we were there.  I enjoy chimes, even the worn & minimal ones.






With all the spring weather, the pussy willow bushes were opening!  There were 2 large bushes at the walkway to the Confederate Cemetery.


The Island was a POW camp during the Civil War and in close quarters about 1/3 died from smallpox going through very fast.


Stones 1, 2, & 3 ~  One hundred stones per row.


Confederate cemetery in the bright sunshine.


15The Clock Tower

We also walked an artillery park there. The men enjoyed it and I sat on a bench with the sun on my face!


I had suggested another stop at a lock so we could park and look for eagles.  I was vetoed.
However, we saw 2 sitting on ice that still remains in some backwater of the Mississippi River.  Beautiful!


Afterwards, we took a short walk through Target, had mid-afternoon food at  C-fil-A, and headed home.  A good 6 hour day out & about and soaking in the warm air & sunshine!




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Another Monday

It is a slow-start Monday.

I shut the water off in my shower at 7:54 this morning. I know that because that is the exact time my doorbell rang, rang, and rang. I didn’t change a thing. I dried at my usual pace and finished my time in there.

Then I came to the computer, totally blocked from view by the door, and checked my camera. Yep. Someone in insulated coveralls, hat, hoodie, & gloves was at my door at 7:54.  A few minutes before he had walked part way down the lane.  Then he came to the house.  And walked back to the highway.

I called the farmer but he usually can’t hear his phone during chores.  In the winter.  Beneath his insulated coveralls.  In his pocket.  I know that.  But he called me back when he could. That is how it works.

When he was done with chores he helped with the blown tire at the end of the lane.

February is so bare.  Someday this tree will bloom — first some small ferny leaves and then it gives us clusters of orange berries.  Gpa M knows the name of it.  Years ago, Gpa bought 2 of these and planted one here for JP to tend.  The deer ate off Gpa’s tree.  I think he is jealous of our tree.

Feb 23 B

Good morning, Monday!

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I am working on the block of the month from The Quilt Show.  I ordered the kit for it and didn’t receive it until the beginning of February so I was already behind.  

I’ve worked on it in bits & pieces.  The week before, I finished the center star for January.


This past week I set the star on point and added plain borders and the pieced border.  These 4 patch pieced borders took some time!!  I’m glad we had good directions on how to fit them just right.  


I still should make 8 star blocks for the February assignment (they are for a later border) but I’m not sure I’ll get to that.  This is my last open weekend until April and there is a lot of work to be done!

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