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One on the guaifenesin support group was struggling today.   She is just a ‘toddler’ in the stages of reversal so I posted this to encourage her & others.   Thought I’d share with you as I know I don’t post much about my fibromyalgia.  

Shirley, it is OK to vent! We’ve walked in your shoes. Or not wanted to walk as well! ((hugs))

Today as I was out scraping frozen and packed snow off my driveway, I was so excited!! Three years ago it was difficult to walk to the bathroom.

When we went to church, dh dropped us off at the door. I HUNG onto dd’s arm and she led me to a seat immediately. I couldn’t stand when others would stand. After that was over, I’d lean to get back out to the car.

My legs felt like cement and sometimes I had to pick them up with my hands to change their position when I was sitting.

So today I shoveled snow. 
Then I walked a bag of heavy garbage to the dumpster. 
Then I wandered around the loop on our farm looking for my dh. 
I found him and we walked to the barn. I approved the play area he built out of straw bales and misc boards for our new puppy that is coming home today. 🙂
I walked up the icy, snow-packed hill to the house.  (and didn’t fall!  😀 )

Guai works!  


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