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My Birthday Weekend

Oh the joys of having my birthday land on a Sunday…. I declare that the celebrating (laziness, spoiling) then encompasses the whole weekend!   🙂    Such as it was this year.

P & me B

Phil took off most of the day on Friday and took me shopping.  I love having him keep me company.  I sent him off to wander the mall and/or warm a bench while I spent time and a bit of money in the Loft store.  Super, duper deals that day with 50% off most of the store ( 🙂  !!!) and then I gave in and got their store card (which I’ve never done before but I love Ann Taylor) which gave me another 15% off and then said I’d miss the birthday bonus as my birthday was in 2 days (transaction time, etc) so the manager overrode the rule and gave me my $15 off for my birthday as well.

Much nicer clothes and for less than the prices at Target.    🙂

Lunch at my favorite local restaurant was yummy (New Orleans style pizza: shrimp & spicy sausage) albeit slow when one needed to get back to work.  We made a few more stops and headed home for a few hours of work for P.

my lunchb

Saturday was quiet here… for my schedule… but the son had friends out for target play.  Quiet was not their word for the day but the details are only shared in person and privately.  😉

Sunday called the men to P’ville for the North American HAM radio field day weekend (who knew???).  They had a great day out together, fun with the radios (JP has his level 3 license and is in the P’ville club as well as campus club), and then toured the damage the university sustained in the June tornadoes.  (Sad but thankful for the safety of those that lived through it.)

JP B-horz

So…. in light of their plans… Miss K met me part way and we had lunch and shopping together.  Just us girls — that hasn’t happened in a quite awhile and it was delightful!!!

We talked fabric, of course, over lunch.  These are K’s 3/8″ hexies.  “Now what?”  (All from one piece of fabric.  Once cut, she sorted out by color.  Very cool!!)

K's hexies-horz


And we shopped a few places… tried on shoes, I bought, she advised, I added to her rewards card.  🙂

A5 filofax b

I ordered a 2nd Filofax A5 size for myself and it came a few days later.  Love!  My other Filofax (fuschia) holds my Five-Year Journal and 2014 farm diary.  It is over-flowing and we aren’t done with the year yet!  (Other years the farm diary won’t be in that one.)   This new one will mainly hold my 365/30 lists that I want to get back to.  (No room in the other “inn” so I haven’t kept that up.)

I enjoyed my weekend of birthday!

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I’m going to try to join in with Julie’s very fun blog and add in another journal – the Month in Numbers.  Here is January from a newbie!  🙂

I just found this last night so didn’t know to pay attention to the Communal Counts.

A) New things I tried: 2

  1. shopping for carpet in a decorating store
  2. wearing a fur hat  — warm, happy, proud

B) How much I paid for a loaf of bread this month: $2.99 for a regular loaf of 12-grain bread at the grocery store

My numbers:

Read 219 pages in a book – Something More by Catherine Marshall.  It was published in 1974!  (I’m NOT a reader so this is stunning that I’ve nearly finished one book in one month.)

I am keeping 8 journals —  in my A5 Fuchsia Filofax: a Five-Year Journal, a daily farm & family life journal, 365/30 Lists (a list per day, per month),  & to-do’s to Ta-Da’s!   Here on my blog will be: my month in numbers that I hope to make into mixed media art journals in various forms.  I also have a personal journal.   On my tablet that syncs with my phone, I have a running journal of appointments, special days, menus (counting as 1 journal), and my exercise log (counting as 1 journal).


I went to the fitness center to do water aerobics only 4 times.  (too much weather!)

We missed mail delivery because of snow 4 times because of too much snow.


Used 2 gallons of paint for 2 coats of paint to the ceiling in JP’s room.  Installed 1 new ceiling fan & light.  (cover of bulbs isn’t on yet as I think I’ll go with one step brighter bulbs)

P1010913 B

We received 1 letter – he is on 2 lists (Dean’s list & Chancellor’s list) – for a 4.0 grade for fall of 2013! Two proud parents.  🙂

P1010890 BCD

I hope you check out the Month in Numbers list that is growing on her blog.  There are several fun blogs already linked in the comments section.

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