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K’s activities this week

This week for K’s new intership she had interesting experiences.  

The first job was on the 80th floor at an exclusive club.  (Floor number eighty!)  Yada Yada!!  (I would have been   s i c k   over that elevator ride!)  She said her ears popped twice on the way down.   (Blech!)

The second job was on the 11th floor of Macy’s.  You say you’ve never been to the 11th floor?  That is because it is a private floor.  This was a ‘by invitation only’ event.  She met one of the VPs.  Such company she is keeping!  🙂
Here is a hat she made out of wool and added ribbon roses she made:
We got a watercolor flower in the mail this week which was a nice treat! 
She learned how to make her own silk flowers.  So of course she dyed her own silk fabric to start.

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