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Prep for GAPS

I’ve known about the GAPS diet for several years and with several promptings and some learning, I am about to try it for myself.  I have several reasons but a big one is that while I’ve had great improvement from the HG eating plan I’m on along with my fibromyalgia treatment (which now I really don’t have FM symptoms anymore!!  🙂  ), I feel that after 6 years of this eating plan, I should be much better in regards to my blood sugar issues and not so sensitive.

I’ve done a lot of reading and gotten good help from a few friends that have either tried it or are on it now.

GAPS diet website

Help for getting started and for recipes  I’m also getting her daily emails & using her 30-day ebook.  Quite helpful!

Last week I worked on getting some food ready for me.    I made:

  • 6 quarts of chicken stock
  • 6 quarts of beef stock
  • 10 or so bags (indv servings) of chicken
  • 13 bags of roast beef
  • homemade sour cream (verdict is still out)
  • homemade sauerkraut (still sitting)

I think that because I’ve been carb-free and sugar-free already that I’ll move quickly through the first few phases.  And my hope in the long-run is that I’ll be healthier/better for doing this and will be able to eat more at the end of GAPS than I can now on my HG eating plan.

Here’s to a cup of broth… CHEERS!

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