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Last Wednesday when I was SUPER busy, Phil peeked at the garden.  He had tried the rototiller the night before and felt it needed more help than that.  So he hooked up the small disc they have for working on waterways and other small spots. (First, he dropped the disc on his foot, but I didn’t tell you that…..  It is old, there isn’t a jack, he had to move the tractor, it was heavy.) A few passes with the disc  and the garden was luscious!

He came in the house with THAT look.  I said (before he could open his mouth), “I’m not doing the garden today!”  We negotiated and I wrote on his flags  and he planted onions.  Just one row of the 2 that will go in.   The flags identify the start & end of that kind and the kind: sweet, short term.  (something along the line that they AREN’T the keeping – long-storage kind)   🙂   Last year someone ran over the markers with the lawnmower so we didn’t know which row was which.  We do now!!   🙂

The Vintage Workshop is having a giveaway and they asked what is in my garden.  (I love their designs & books.  My altered denim jacket idea and images came from their books.)

We have seeds for chard, lettuce, & spinach.  Seeds for green bush beans, zukes, cukes, watermelon & cantelope.  We’ll buy tomato plants & pepper plants.  Some grape toms and some yellow tomatoes if there are any left when I finally shop.  As for peppers, I try to get some green/red peppers and then some form of a hotter variety.  Just for fun.

I don’t really like gardening but the harvest is good & necessary.  So we do.  Phil helps some.  And mostly, it won’t get planted until his first 500 + acres are done.  Only 45 acres to go but it has been raining since Monday night and is to continue all week.  Not constantly raining, but no drying  spells in between.

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Spring Work

I finally planted something in the garden!  This is probably the earliest I’ve ever been out there.  

But JP is great with the rototiller so I don’t have to wait for Phil.  Phil had done some cleaning several weeks ago and JP did the tiller.  I had him just do about 4 passes with it tonight.

I planted my edge of yellow marigolds.   I got 4 packs of 6 from Menards (Bonanza Yellow, I think) and need one more pack.   Another day’s job.

Then I put in the onion sets from Bill, Phil’s cousin.  Phil traded him a baby piggie heating pad to warm his starter plants several months ago and Bill gave us 2 HUGE hunks of onions.   One bundle is a blend of sweet onions and the other bundle is a blend of storage onions.   But if you know my garden… those are long rows running N – S so that is a lot of onions.  🙂

I hope I did them right.  Time will tell.  Maybe if Bill reads this he’ll be nice and give me tips (maybe it is too late!) and not laugh so hard if he sees the garden.  😀

So… rain is due tomorrow and everyday through Wednesday so I wanted to get these things in the ground.  

Phil started planting corn yesterday afternoon and will be running late tonight.   He could do without the 5 days of rain.  

Before I came in, I picked some of my daffodils in the dark.  I now have 2 full vases on the kitchen table.   

daffodils 1

daffodils 2

daffodils 3

I need to show you pictures from quilt guild Monday night.  Hopefully I can remember to do that tomorrow.

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