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I saw this blog post idea and thought I’d try it.  At least for this month!  This is just my personal list — not my job work.

  • paint bathroom closet
  • vac out part of aquarium water & replace
  • re-pot 2 coleus that were outside over the summer
  • draw floor plan of house for advice on a design group where I’m a member
  • sand treadle machine cabinet for living room sewing corner
  • finish New Feathered Star piecing
  • make a Featherweight sewing machine cover
  • brush the dog at least 1x a day
  • 2 quilt guild meetings
  • more blogs posted 😉

That is enough for a busy month with customer quilting deadlines for Christmas as well.   I suppose other intentions will wait for the rest of winter!

new feathered star beginning

new feathered star very beginning

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Missed It!

Welcome to a new month… but I missed my goal for January.

I had  good Christmas sales and found myself very low or sold-out on many, many of my soaps!  So I made a list and checked my fragrance supply.  Some I needed to reorder but some I still had in stock.  My list had 15 of my current soaps that needed remade!!  That is a long list.

So I set to work.

I can prep 2 batches at a time so one day I’d get 2 pans of oils and 2 pitchers of lye water ready.  The next day I’d mix one batch.  The following day I’d mix the next batch.

Sometimes I try to cram in 2 batches a day with mixing in the early morning and then the next one near bedtime.  But that really starts to stress me out and I have many other jobs on my list as well.  (quilting and re-doing Phil’s office as well as regular life!)

I finished these batches:

  • Crisp Breeze
  • Beach Boys
  • Denim Wear
  • Gardener’s Blend
  • Patchouli Musk
  • Raspberry Rhubarb
  • Red Clover Tea
  • Sandalwood
  • Smokey Mountain Pine Tree
  • Rosemary Mint
  • Lavender

I have 1 batch prepped to mix tomorrow and then I’m at the mercy of the shea butter supplier as I’m out!! Ack!!  I know it takes awhile to get but I still didn’t reorder that soon enough.  Then I have 3 more on my list to complete.

I have a few new batches I’d like to get made just for me and fun and to try something new.  😉

The soap cures about 6 weeks so even the first ones have a bit more curing time to go yet.  But all are cut and curing nicely in the furnace room in the basement.  I have them in cardboard boxes and covered loosely.

Next will be a big empty table to trim all the bars, make labels, and wrapping with ribbon.

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