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June Workshop & Guild

The June guild day at my local guild included an all-day workshop… taught by yours truly!

I had 10 students after a few dropped out or didn’t show that day.   I was pleased how well everyone did and how far they progressed on their quilt tops.

I just took a few photos while they worked. Then after the program, those that had stayed, showed their pieces as a group.  I love this!

The program was great!  Here are a few photos.  (I was sitting in the back… hard to get good ones.)

A lot of the backs of her quilts were just as stunning as the fronts!  Very fun to see her work.

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At the November quilt guild meeting, we were given envelopes with a short list of instructions and 5 paint chip colors for our guild challenge piece. I opened mine and was saddened to have 2 chips of one color and 3 chips of another color.  We were allowed to toss out one chip but if I tossed one, I still would have 1 or 2 of that color, just a different shade.   Our finished project was due at the April meeting.

back of my tag for voting display

I put the chips back in the envelope.

I saw a fellow guild member at a quilt shop sale in February and remembered the challenge.  Nothing started yet.

In March, a guild member asked on Facebook who was working on the challenge.  Not me.

I have wanted to be in challenges and have been glad the guild was having them so I MUST participate!

I lamented. I whined. I fiddled.  I shopped online.

paint chips on tag

You know I love paper piecing so I first drafted a New York Beauty block on EQ6 (a quilt design software program).  I wanted two blocks for the front of my purse.  Of course, I’d want a new purse for summer and these bright colors I had to work with would be quite stylish I hoped.

One of my favorite online quilt shops is eQuilter.com.   They have a TON of fabric, great search results, and I like the design wall.

For this shopping challenge, I did a search for my 2 colors: turquoise and orange.   As I sifted through the results I put a yard of each fabric I liked in my shopping cart.  Another day, I sorted my cart.  I finally had one fabric to be my focus fabric and tie my pieces together, then I added other coordinating ones.   I also downloaded the images of the fabrics I liked and input them into the program.  I colored my block with the actual fabrics I wanted to use!!   🙂

Once the fabrics arrived, it was time to work….

In piecing my smallest arc, I learned a key point in drafting my own patterns… and in this one, I had backed myself into a corner!  LOL!   Instead of starting over and redrafting a new block, I printed off little sections to pre-piece and then add in as 1 piece.

This is the add-in piece.

And it goes in here.

Stitched in.

Pressed open.


I feel smug, it worked!

Here are the 2 blocks finished and pinned to the purse front:

At this point I had a panic and called in my behind the scenes advisors   😉   thinking this was a tad wild.  Everyone said they liked it,  so I continued on.

I hand stitched the arc to the background piece.  After layering with batting, I quilted various arcs and the star points.  I did free-motion meandering quilting on the background and the back of the purse which is just the plaid fabric.

Then I assembled the purse.  The lighter background of the star points is the lining of the purse and I added 2 pockets inside.

This is the commercial pattern I used for purses at Christmas time but I made the pattern 2″ taller.

I also made a coordinating cosmetic bag.  The pieces are stitched on my embroidery module and then I assemble them with the standard sewing machine.

I love having these to keep my lipstick, eye drops,  and spare set of car keys easy to find.   🙂

Report from guild — I won in my category – they put purses in Clothing.   There were about 6 purses/totes  and no actual garments.    So I’m happy that I wasn’t the only one in my category and still pulled it off.    🙂  I would guess there were around 25 entries overall.  I wished the entries had been sorted into categories before voting as I think it would have been more fair.  We, the voters, had to decide what category we’d put each item in.

It sure was fun to see what paint chips others received and how they carried out their colors!  I was pleased with the participation level!!  (a bit less than 50% of membership)

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At Quilt Guild on Monday, they had the raffle quilt finished and done for us to see for the first time.  


It is so pretty… I love the fabrics!!  CW Repoductions.

TOO BAD we don’t have tickets to sell since we don’t have volunteers to do that!  Ugh!!   (And that isn’t even what makes me cranky…)  I guess if we don’t have tickets to sell the president gets the quilt.  🙂 

ETA: Friday 5:30 p.m. I have a 3 person team to get the tickets ready to sell!!! Yeah!!!  

We can’t believe how much Nina has grown!  We’ll see if the pictures show it.  These were from Tuesday night.



Nina starts Puppy Preschool with me next week.   I mean that I am taking her… she won’t be homeschooled!  🙂  

But she really is doing great at home.   In the mornings after Phil brings her up to the house, I’ve been having the gate at the kitchen open and she is doing great with staying off the carpet.  

This morning I told her to stay while I got towels for the washer.  She stayed and just sat there waiting.  🙂  

She loves to wander to the basement and hopefully find Molly to pester.   

So far there are 3 in the puppy class and the receptionist said one is a tiny breed and will be able to perch on my puppy’s head.  When I took a little tour of the place yesterday, I met the owner’s 2 Golden Retrievers.  Nina’s paws are bigger now than their full-grown feet.  😀  

I’ll keep you posted!  Hopefully I can take pictures at class.  LOL!

Goal: 4 batches of soap today & tomorrow. 

Meanwhile: Winter storm warning 6 – 8″ due for us.

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October Quilt Guild

I am trying to catch up on blogging but the recovery from the weekend ran into a cold or something yucky and now I’m trying to catch up in lots of areas!  

Monday night Quilt Guild program was Jill & Vicki from
Sew Many Antiques.   They shared some of their patterns and classes at their shop now with us.   

This is a Block of the Month they offer.


Show & Tell is always great fun! 

My secret sister has been just super this year!  I have LOVED the new beads and yarns and fun fabrics to play with that she has given me.   This is what I got for October!  The little pincushion is in a mini teacup.  Darling!

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