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EE visit

Once we survived harvest and had an open Sunday, we drove to visit with JP.  He is delightful to visit with, we love hearing about his classes, and we got a tour of Engineering Hall.


He is also in the local radio club and showed us this old “some sort of” radio.  I do not understand much of radio-ese.  :\



And because of some seniority in the club, JP is in charge of the storage closet.  He cleaned up the junk and organized it… to the point of having a clear space to do homework in his own private office!  The men enjoyed digging in the radio parts, a former student’s robot project, and all sorts of gizmos!

P1010769 B
The closet when closed and locked up.  JP also cleaned out the showcase above the closet.  In the fall, the area HAM radio club had a scavenger hunt.  He was on a team with 2 seniors… senior citizens… and they just delight in his participation!  Their team WON!  The team suggested JP put the trophy at the school so there it is.  I love it!


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