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Thought I’d just write simple with today.  We had freezing rain and rain most of the day.  Off and on; mist and steady times.  This evening it has changed to snow pellets.  Not much total accumulation is expected.

I worked this morning on what will probably be a multi-year project for me.  Mostly hand applique with my hand-dyed fabric so far but eclectic mix of fabrics for leaves, etc later.  The last few days I turned under edges and prepped the trees.

The color of the sky and the trees was weird on this photo so I just made it black & white.  But you see the pressing under the edges of the trunk and branches.

Today I redid some pieces and arranged on the background of the whole tree oval and the sky.  The trees are arranged and basted down but not stitched.  Reverse applique of some leaves is next on the project.

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Here is the rest of my test quilting… aka doll quilts… (if so desired).  Hand-dyed fabrics, wholecloth, my design, practice with some new rulers, and testing battings.  Part 1   Part 2  

Nothing is perfect and I’m OK with that… they are practice pieces… I know that… so I know there are errors.  I’m OK with that so I hope you are too.  They sat around waiting for finishing.  (imagine that!)  Now they are finished, bound, and washed & dried.


One quilt (L) has a layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting and 2 layers of Legacy wool batting. The other quilt (R) has just 2 layers of Legacy wool batting.


I used Legacy wool because I had it.  I won’t buy it anymore. I much prefer Hobbs 100% wool batting.  Mostly because it took 2 layers of Legacy to make 1 layer of Hobbs in my opinion.   OK… Hobbs is a great brand of batting all over!

I can see the wool only quilt has a bit more poof to it and is a lighter feel.  For my future plans, I’ll stick with just the wool when I want that look.



Usually I do a wholecloth quilt more heavily quilted but I didn’t feel the need on practice pieces for play.


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This is a little bit of play and creativity as well as making test quilts.  I had the thought of small doll-sized quilts to test battings.  One has Hobbs 80/20 plus a layer of wool batting and the other is just the wool batting.  I’m also going to try out some new rulers I have.  I’m using a piece of my hand-dyed fabric for the top… as mostly it is just admired and needs to be used.

Saturday I did some drawings and worked through some ideas.

20150104_113557 B

20150104_113614 B

20150104_113623 B




Sunday I loaded everything and did a bit of quilting.

IMG_20150107_104215 B


…. to be continued

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