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A Wednesday

Just because I feel like it…

This morning I loaded the crock pot with potatoes, peas, and chicken legs.  Then I made breakfast and checked in with my online world.

Usually by the time I’m done, Phil has come in and I’m off to work on something.  I mixed a batch of soap and got all that cleaned up and ran a load of laundry.  Then I did my morning workout using my Wii Fit Plus I got for Christmas.  Lately I’ve been doing a combo of the Wii Fit Routines and choosing enough so they add up to about 30 minutes.

By then it was time to change… I was having lunch with Beth! 🙂 We met at a little tea shop about 20 minutes from here.  She had 1 1/2 hrs for her lunch break at school.  Delightful fun and we are aiming to gather once a month for other treats like this. 🙂

We had blowing snow for a few hours but only a light dusting was on the highway.

Once I was home, I cleaned up some of the lunch dishes and headed to my sewing room. 🙂  I only have 2 more shirts to add to the quilt and then assemble the sections I have together.  The center is nearly done!  I was glad to have 2 hours to sew this afternoon.

I came upstairs and did a Total Body Workout with Jillian & the Wii.  I have the 2010 Ultimatum.  It is all right, a good workout, but the flow of the program is archaic.  Makes me think of early computer games! LOL!!  I did TBW – B which is about 30 minutes.  It is hard for me but I did much better today than the previous days!  The 60 SETS of obliques followed immediately by 99 SETS of bicycle about do me in!!  I’m not 100% on those yet.

After that I finally sat and spent time online.  After seeing some new hat pictures from K, I made supper.   I’m enjoying the treat of sugar-free whole wheat biscuits so made a batch for tonight.  I gave them the choice of soup or leftovers to go with the biscuits.

I planned to head back to sewing after supper but then saw Phil getting a bucket of soapy water.  He had his office so emptied, it was time to wash the walls!!  Blech!!  I helped and it didn’t take too long.  He continued working by taking off the baseboards and then I washed them.  I washed the window frames and the windows.

Phil brought in the BIG shopvac and vac’d the ceiling!  He took most of the bumps of the sprayed on ceiling off. Yeah!!  Happy Dance from both of us!!   The light is gone and he has just a single light bulb there for us to work with.  I’m thrilled he has helped this much with the job.  I think he is ready for a new do in there too. 😉

Maybe we can start painting by the weekend.  I’ll get new joint compound tomorrow.  Nearly 35 yrs as an office has left a LOT of holes in the wall!!  Ack!!

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