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It is March 1st but the National Weather Service has said our winter will continue through March.  Just as I expect every year!  After this HUGE amount of “winter” we’ve had this year, I was pretty sure that turning a page today wouldn’t matter in the weather department.

1. I need a new cover on the small ironing board next to my sewing machine where I do pressing when I do paper-piecing.  I thought it was the iron but cleaned that.  I cleaned the regular iron that I keep there as well.  No, it must be coming from the cover.

2.  I like relaxing in the evening with stories on Instagram.   I’ve learned I can only make videos with my tablet to post!   @julesquilts  (It is farming, my flowers, the dog, and some quilting!)

3.  Even tho the fall onto the ice doesn’t hurt much then….  the next few days add very random hurting places!  Yikes!!
Yes, we went 2 for 2 at our house for how many went down on the ice.  The dog…. was really sick of slipping!!

4.  Everyone needs someone to hold their hand and pray for them when in the hospital.  I learned slowly but did what I could.  ♥  (I learned long ago that I need that!  Now I know I’m not the only one!) PLEASE offer that to one who is there.  Nothing fancy.  Just touch and ask if you can pray for them.  A hospital patient needs touched!  Sit near.  Ask to hold their hand.  Offer hand cream.

5.  Aldi plants and flowers in the winter are a wonderful prize for buying the groceries for the week!   I plant the bulbs outside when the weather is tolerable and enjoy my growing collection that returns the next spring!  The little jars they come in are great for rooting little new houseplants!

6.  It is hard to make my mind stop and read a book.
I’ve read: Sacred Holidays by Becky Kiser and Placemaker by Christie Purifoy.  Highly recommend them both!

7.  Subscriptionboxescanbeanadditiction!
#1 – Broglie Box (brand-new!!) I got one box, their first one!, and then subscribed for the annual and look forward to this box the most!  (no affiliate connection!!)

I liked the 1 box I got from FabFitFun and might do an annual of that one next year.  I was able to get less skin care products as I can’t use most of the ones offered.
I have an annual subscription to Causebox and will drop that when the year runs out.  (I’ve gotten Winter 2018 (& now) Spring 2019.)  I like about 1/2 the box that I get.  I need to sell some of the extra things.  This was my first one I found and my gift to myself… that comes every quarter!  Then I had to quit following the subscription box addiction site as it was all too tempting!

Do you get any subscription boxes?
What did you learn this winter?


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Today I returned for my 2nd year to a nearby small town for their Garden Club’s sale. A room of perennials — first-come, etc!

I got there about 8:20 and I assume over half was already gone. Sadly, one had a whole table of her loot including ALL the bleeding hearts. Now my heart was bleeding!


Large meat tray with at least 15 baby iris.  The whole tray was $1.  They kindly told me to put water in the tray once I got home since it has been raining for 4 days and I couldn’t plant outside.  They really perked up with a drink of water.


For $13 total, I brought home:

2 mini ground covers for my hope-to-have fairy garden, $1
15 (at least) mini iris bulbs (above), $1
2 – 6″ pots full of small iris bulbs, $2 each
2 large pots of coral bells, $2 each
3 pots of grape hyacinths, 0.50 each
2 plants of lily of the valley, 0.50 each
2 small pots of columbine, 0.25 each







I visited with Mrs. E, who went to school with my MIL and is the mother to a friend at our church.  I chatted with a lady my age that helped load up my car.  I found a guild friend and we made plans for the end of the week pending the schedules for our men.  Cold, wet, drizzle, but friendly shopping!

It will be awhile until the ground is dry and my hole digger is done with his crops but I have all but the mini iris and ground covers outside, protected by bigger plants.  They got a HUGE gulp of rain yesterday and are eagerly awaiting warm & sunshine — like a few humans around here!!

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