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June 2018
As the month went on, here are my flowers.

Double clematis — a sweet friend that moved cross-country gave me this cone-shaped trellis with branches and birds.  I bought a double clematis last year for it.  This is the first year for blooms!  The stems on the clematis are so fine; less than a pencil lead.  I’m glad it survived the winter.


My striped iris are at the front porch. The leaves are striped.  I need to divide these after blooming.

White poppies at the front of the house.  Love them when they bloom.  They are ugly the rest of the summer.  Advice?


My old familiar clematis in dark purple.  I see this out my kitchen window.  Last summer it got in an accident with the weed whip! 😦  I’m thankful it came back!!


I have cheap trellis!!

Last year MIL gave us a double hollyhock plant.  I keep this one and one other that grows between the basement windows but pull the others.  Oh my word… weeds!

This one gets tall enough to peek in the kitchen window.  Takes me a few days to get used to it when I catch it in my peripheral vision!

Last year’s after-Easter sale on lilies!  I planted them and am THRILLED they came forth with blooms!!  (over my birthday, too!) I think they multiplied over the winter.  Yummy!! I put more out this year in another area.


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Today I returned for my 2nd year to a nearby small town for their Garden Club’s sale. A room of perennials — first-come, etc!

I got there about 8:20 and I assume over half was already gone. Sadly, one had a whole table of her loot including ALL the bleeding hearts. Now my heart was bleeding!


Large meat tray with at least 15 baby iris.  The whole tray was $1.  They kindly told me to put water in the tray once I got home since it has been raining for 4 days and I couldn’t plant outside.  They really perked up with a drink of water.


For $13 total, I brought home:

2 mini ground covers for my hope-to-have fairy garden, $1
15 (at least) mini iris bulbs (above), $1
2 – 6″ pots full of small iris bulbs, $2 each
2 large pots of coral bells, $2 each
3 pots of grape hyacinths, 0.50 each
2 plants of lily of the valley, 0.50 each
2 small pots of columbine, 0.25 each







I visited with Mrs. E, who went to school with my MIL and is the mother to a friend at our church.  I chatted with a lady my age that helped load up my car.  I found a guild friend and we made plans for the end of the week pending the schedules for our men.  Cold, wet, drizzle, but friendly shopping!

It will be awhile until the ground is dry and my hole digger is done with his crops but I have all but the mini iris and ground covers outside, protected by bigger plants.  They got a HUGE gulp of rain yesterday and are eagerly awaiting warm & sunshine — like a few humans around here!!

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