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Kitchen Chairs A

The long story may be written another time but this is the current status.

Kitchen chairs that go with our antique table needed reglued and recovered among other help.  Slow process that I happily delayed (honestly for 25 yrs and then currently) with my Christmas quilt rush but I can, in reality, quilt and have a chair clamped and drying every day so here we are.

chairs 01 B


I started with what I now know were the 2 easiest to repair.    Oh, yes indeed, my father was right… “they need totally reglued!”

“Please don’t take them apart now, Dad,” said the mom of kids at home, in school, married to a farmer, busy to say the least.

And really those 2 needed to be the least of my worries.

I have 4 at this point now.

chairs 02 B

Number 5 has had a new piece of wood cut for a rung and that needs stained and holes drilled in the ends for dowel connectors before assembly.

Number 5 is in at least 7 pieces.  Flat chair.
chairs 03 B

Yet to come…  I will use Old English on the scrapes.   Then P will help me recover all the seats and reattach them.  Air nailer, heavy-duty screws, don’t want to break a nail… sort of husband work.

I have 4 clamps and the wood glue sets in 24 hrs so that also slows my progress.  No more than 4 joins per day.  Had been able to fix 1 chair a day but this #5 will take more than 4 joins.

My heatgun softens old glue and I have a 1″ scraper to get it off.  Sandpaper.  Clean out joins for new fit with new glue.  Ad infinitum!

The hunting in our storage room for any missing pieces (found all but 1 when I started the hunt for 6 “sticks” so that was good) resulted in a lot of decluttering out of there as well.  I would guess 8 loads via Mr. Strong Arms out the door to trash, dumpster, or scrap metal pile.  *cue angels singing*

The 6th chair, captain’s chair, must be AWOL or we never had it but both of us thought there were 6 chairs.   It is not here.

in progress…. will be off for the weekend  of keeping up with glue & clamps.

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This weekend I dyed 1/2 yard pieces of fabric in every green, turquiose, blueish color I have.  I’d like to choose one to dye my tablecloths.  I have the print for the valances and these new dishes.  The plates are white on top where the food goes and the slate blue/turqouise on the bottom.  The bowls have the color inside and white outsides.   Obviously, the tablecloth won’t be touching the valances but I would like it all to get along.  My walls are a pale blue and staying that way.  I have some turquoise trivets and spatulas type of stuff.

And here are the fabrics with the plate on top —

The fabric is at a pretty heavy concentration of dye so I could do some of those darker ones a bit lighter.

Please vote in the comments section so I can narrow this down and figure something out.  I’ll be back to work this week so some weekend, I’d like to dye the tablecloths and get my kitchen switched over to new decor.   Thanks!!


{D is called chartreuse!  Doesn’t that look weird for that color? I just left it in for part of the 10.}

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Kitchen Spruce-Up

In a budget-wise way to spruce up the kitchen a bit, I made curtains and a new tablecloth.  Plus hot pads, napkins, & coasters.

I’ve never had any thing on the windows so this was very new for us!

I also have 2 more everyday table cloths to use as well.  However, the napkins & hot pads don’t match those so I have to make more!  :p

kitchen 1 after

(we have a beautiful breeze today!)

Now I could even use my stoneware! It matches and fits in the new dishwasher.  🙂

kitchen 2 after

We are heading out to the hog show this afternoon.   Meanwhile, I’m glad to have a clean kitchen and I’m treating the men to a fancy lunch!  LOL!!  Not that it matters one bit to them.  But it is in the crock pot.. chicken legs, peas, & scalloped potatoes.  One of JP’s favorites.

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