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He is done with harvest!!

:):) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yesterday we had  a light layer of snow. Nothing to measure but it was sticking to the corn and there was not a bit of breeze to blow it off.  So he waited.  Meanwhile, the good news was that Mike had semis there to empty the bin!!  Great to get them in when you want them.

Last night Phil came in for supper and rest for a bit thinking of pulling a late night.

They headed out to the field about 7 to try it.  I’m not sure how enthused Bob (FIL) was about helping this late.  (He usually quits at 7!)

No one came home and no one called in a panic so I assumed he was going.

At 10 p.m. Phil called for 2 sandwiches and another water bottle.  I added in a pear.

When I delivered that, he said that the unloading auger was frozen so Mike had to come help wrestle with that.   This extra bit put Phil behind in trying to keep with the wagon loads so Mike stayed to help unload.

I finally went to bed about 11 p.m.

Chris, the neighbor between us, found Phil about 2:30 and asked if he needed help. So at that point Bob was quite ready to go home and Chris got in to run the combine.  What a blessing!

I awoke at 4:20 and Phil wasn’t home yet.  We had heavy but fine snow coming down then.  (Phil said he had it at 2:30 a.m.)

I heard the combine & tractor drive in about 5 a.m.

Phil decided while he was outside to do his outside chores before there was more snow.  He crawled into bed at 5:50 this morning and was asleep instantly!

He slept (tossing & checking the clock) until 8:30.  A very short night (morning).  He is doing errands  this morning and I think I’ll suggest a nap this afternoon.

But they finished the 30 acres of Mike’s left to do.  So now the combine can get put away.   🙂  Chris & Phil checked the combine and the sieves were just starting to freeze over a bit when the quit.  Glad to be done & just in the knick of time!

Thank you for the prayers to finish the harvest with safety.  🙂

The snow continues to fall and we have several inches.  The forecast put us on the line between the 6-12″ group & the 12″+ group.  :\  The very cold temps & high winds kick in tomorrow!  :p

You know where to find me! 😉

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Phil had the corn plot harvest scheduled for Monday.  Nothing like hitting the ground running after the holiday!  But the forecast included rain & snow but thankfully that didn’t happen. So on with the show!

I started my morning early with making their beloved pans of cinnamon rolls.  The plot was smaller so JP got to stay home.  I did cave in and give him a roll before I took the pans to the men.  (good thing!)

It was sunny but COLD and WINDY!

He didn’t have many helpers this time either.  Maybe because of the smaller amount of seed varieties or the men who do the scheduling have figured not so many are needed.

The front strip of the plot had wheat (harvested in summer) so he had also planted radishes here.

Some of the radishes are sticking up quite a bit so a great place to break your ankle…. !

Currently, he has our fields that are 100% Phil’s completed.  We are working at Mike’s field that we crop-share with him.  He gets a wagonload, then we get the next wagonload.  However, Mike has a smaller bin & smaller dryer so today they can’t run while his bin dries.   Once he hauls some out, we can go back to work.  Hopefully, that will be Saturday.

After that is complete, we have a field we custom plant & harvest for Mike.

This morning we had a dusting of snow but it is mostly in the pockets, not a complete coverage.

The tax man cometh this afternoon so Phil & I have been busy making sure all our numbers are in the proper rows.  whew!

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Harvest Update

Obviously, my prayer warriors are terrific because it hasn’t rained all month! 🙂  Thanks!

Phil (with JP & FIL) are going strong at the harvest.  They finished the soybeans the beginning of the week. That is always a relief to have them done as they are so picky for harvest. Dry enough, but not so dry they shatter and they don’t hold up to snow.

They have some far away fields finished so that is better.  Yesterday a lot went south :\ with one landlord not wanting to make changes so Phil could haul out around the newly poured lane.  However, it is a difficult place to combine so Phil had hoped to get it out soon while the weather is tolerable.

Another thing can’t be posted but at least they know their error and have to fix it next spring.  But stress he didn’t need!

Today the combine plugged something terrible so Phil & JP are cleaning it out by hand here near the shed.  Not what he really wants me posting to you, so don’t bring it up!

I’m thankful they have had all these dry days to work.  It is terribly busy and stressful and long but at least they can keep going.   Phil is outside for over 16 hrs most days so I don’t see him much.  He eats on the run, usually a sandwich and a pear.

This week we hope to get the corn plot done and a lot of other acres taken in as well.

Thankfully tomorrow is Sunday and we can rest.  🙂

Miss K is heading home late tonight after work and will need to return Sunday evening.   Will be great to have a day with her.


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1st Day of Harvest

Oh my goodness have we EVER been so very very late?

I think NOT!!

Phil said today was  a PERFECT day for soybeans.  🙂  Sunny, nearly 60′, and a good strong wind all night kept the dew off.

The mechanic from the new dealership came mid-morning so Phil was glad to have his opinion on the first few passes.

After lunch, all 3 men were out with some equipment.   Bob (FIL) was in the combine, JP was hauling the wagon loads back home, and Phil was drilling wheat, probably right behind the combine!  (I was putting primer on the peeled & flaking bare wood trim around the outside doors.)

It is late to get the wheat in as well and that gives Phil an early place to haul manure next summer.   Plus the crop insurance for wheat has a deadline for planting.   Because we lean towards the no-till side of farming, Phil uses the drill and plants right into the corn stalk stubble.  Super compost and the “trash” (good trash!) holds the soil and prevents wind & water run-off erosion.

An error light came on in the combine around 5 p.m. which sent Phil & JP on a quick run to the dealership.  The part wasn’t in but will be by 7:30 a.m. tomorrow!  Meanwhile, Phil jiggled the part and the light went off so they continued on.

Phil only got to make 1 pass in his new combine.   He liked it tho!!

Score today: 25 acres of corn combined + 25 acres of wheat drilled! 🙂  Keep up your prayers… rain is due again!

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Harvest Report

Phil talked with various grain truckers and farmer friends at church over the weekend and the verdict stands.

 We are all in the same boat — about halfway done!  


Thankfully today is sunny & dry.  After having a bit of Grand Central Station here this morning (bin pipe people, no bin finishing people, insurance man, tractors trying to move to another field….) the combine is running, student is learning, & mom is cleaning.   All is well.

k-philWhen K was home mid-October….

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