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We enjoyed the wonderful “May” weather in February by doing family things outside.


Today we went to the Rock Island Arsenal for a tour.   We enjoyed the museum. We hadn’t been there since JP was young but he remembered this wall of guns & rifles from America’s whole history.  Of course, he remembered.  In his blood from early on!


This is where all the DOD targets are printed even today!  Isn’t that amazing?





I liked this quote from Mark Twain describing the island… 3 miles x 1/2 a mile.  Still the vast stone buildings and a lot of trees. Beautiful!


The National Cemetery
The chimes were playing “God Bless America” while we were there.  I enjoy chimes, even the worn & minimal ones.






With all the spring weather, the pussy willow bushes were opening!  There were 2 large bushes at the walkway to the Confederate Cemetery.


The Island was a POW camp during the Civil War and in close quarters about 1/3 died from smallpox going through very fast.


Stones 1, 2, & 3 ~  One hundred stones per row.


Confederate cemetery in the bright sunshine.


15The Clock Tower

We also walked an artillery park there. The men enjoyed it and I sat on a bench with the sun on my face!


I had suggested another stop at a lock so we could park and look for eagles.  I was vetoed.
However, we saw 2 sitting on ice that still remains in some backwater of the Mississippi River.  Beautiful!


Afterwards, we took a short walk through Target, had mid-afternoon food at  C-fil-A, and headed home.  A good 6 hour day out & about and soaking in the warm air & sunshine!




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So my friend Susan wrote oh.so.nicely. on her blog about harmony.   In the midst of Bible Study she woke up travel memories and harmony in our family.

Our trip to CA when I was 4 turning 5 or whatever year you chose it to be….

  • we each had a box covered in contact paper for our clothes
  • six in a station wagon for oh.so.many weeks pulling the pop-up camper behind us  
  • shake-a-pudding at a rest stop  
  • Skunky for a birthday present  
  • I can’t believe I didn’t die over Royal Gorge.  I guess I wasn’t scared of heights yet.  :\


And the harmony part…. remember 4 of us with our own mallet playing 4-part harmony Christmas carols on my vibraphone one year?   Or how if I would sing a song in tune, Margaret could sing just 1/2 step off which was NOT harmony but quite hilarious?

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