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I’m going to try to join in with Julie’s very fun blog and add in another journal – the Month in Numbers.  Here is January from a newbie!  🙂

I just found this last night so didn’t know to pay attention to the Communal Counts.

A) New things I tried: 2

  1. shopping for carpet in a decorating store
  2. wearing a fur hat  — warm, happy, proud

B) How much I paid for a loaf of bread this month: $2.99 for a regular loaf of 12-grain bread at the grocery store

My numbers:

Read 219 pages in a book – Something More by Catherine Marshall.  It was published in 1974!  (I’m NOT a reader so this is stunning that I’ve nearly finished one book in one month.)

I am keeping 8 journals —  in my A5 Fuchsia Filofax: a Five-Year Journal, a daily farm & family life journal, 365/30 Lists (a list per day, per month),  & to-do’s to Ta-Da’s!   Here on my blog will be: my month in numbers that I hope to make into mixed media art journals in various forms.  I also have a personal journal.   On my tablet that syncs with my phone, I have a running journal of appointments, special days, menus (counting as 1 journal), and my exercise log (counting as 1 journal).


I went to the fitness center to do water aerobics only 4 times.  (too much weather!)

We missed mail delivery because of snow 4 times because of too much snow.


Used 2 gallons of paint for 2 coats of paint to the ceiling in JP’s room.  Installed 1 new ceiling fan & light.  (cover of bulbs isn’t on yet as I think I’ll go with one step brighter bulbs)

P1010913 B

We received 1 letter – he is on 2 lists (Dean’s list & Chancellor’s list) – for a 4.0 grade for fall of 2013! Two proud parents.  🙂

P1010890 BCD

I hope you check out the Month in Numbers list that is growing on her blog.  There are several fun blogs already linked in the comments section.

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