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Currently, I have 18 tabs open on my browser. I have to get some of this cleaned up!!

So here is a link I want to save. It is cute and amazing what this man builds in miniature.


Have fun and hopefully, I’ll get back to posting.  

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A Project from Long Ago

Sorry I’ve been AWOL here… I’m working myself to tiredness every day with the basement redo job.   The before pictures are too embarrassing to post so you’ll just have to wait to see when it is done. 🙂

Meanwhile, I unearthed this early years of quilting project.

This little quilt is 7 3/4″ square.  Each 9-patch block finishes to 1″.  I machine pieced the quilt and then this is from SO long ago, that I hand quilted it.  No mitered binding in those days, I guess.

I know there is another one in cream with a cream print, too.  Not sure where it is hiding.

This was from a Miniature Quilts magazine issue and I remember it had me sew 1/4″ seams and then trim them to 1/8″ to make less bulk.   The quilt used to have a spot in a mini basket on a shelf both of which have gone on to other homes.

Of course this is made in the lovely country blue so popular in the 1980’s!  🙂

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