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This is how my April stacked up in numbers.  Join me in joining Julie’s Month in Numbers.

1 – Month in Numbers just totally ditched!  (March – you were a mess here!!)  Sorry, Julie!

Very few hours of sitting… it hurts to sit but I’m finally to the point that I can stand to type so that is helping.

205 – minutes of swim time at the pool.  (missed some days)

0 – days of planting crops!  Prayers needed!  Rain is great and temperatures are not-great.

1 – very old UFO quilt top finished!  It is about 90″ x 90″ and is all from scraps that I already had.  (nearly free!)  Yes, I know it sings the 80’s and 90’s but they aren’t bad all together in a pieced pattern.  The top is now all pieced waiting for my own turn on my long-arm.  🙂   I’m just fine with waiting.  I have another UFO resurrected to assemble the blocks in my off-hours.

black & pink top b

90 – miles driven to purchase a used seed tender

1 – extra hour to pull home the seed tender!  (back roads and slow mph while pulling)

1 – used tractor purchased but not delivered yet (Friday is the last report)

100 baby pigs born.  So very thankful, especially considering how our March went in many areas.

1 book reception and the author is a friend that I met online – we don’t see each other enough!  “Invisible Illness, Visible God” — Hope is My Anchor  Great strengthening & encouraging book!

M & J Apr 12 C

1 Easter holiday with the 2 kids and 2 in-laws here for Sunday

22 hours with K and 4 days with JP for Easter!

And that is my April in Numbers… I’m so glad you stopped by and even more thankful for your comments.  😉


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I’m participating in my Month in Numbers with Julie.  February… the shortest month that lasts the longest… now done and March is roaring in with giving us MORE snow.  I’m not sure why February numbers have been hard to come by this time around.

1 – book finished!  Something More by Catherine Marshall… very vintage, (c) 1974, but the teachings are good.  Each chapter was a pile of truth and a whole book in itself.  I have several good things from the book tucked in my pocket.

2 – books started AND finished… in one little month!!  🙂   I pulled out Ann Kiemel Anderson‘s book, First Love, and enjoyed reading that again.  I think I have nearly all of Ann’s books and this was good to reread.  After reading it, I searched to find her current information and found she was struggling with new diagnosis and as the month went on they found it was cancer.   I picked up her book, Seduced by Success and read that one next.  Once again, good.  New points hit me this time through and old points were still good from my original read.  (this book I had marked the first time through)  And then Ann left life here and saw Jesus face-to-face on March 1.  Ow.  I’ve learned a lot from her books in the last 35+ years of having them.  I’m sorry to think she is gone from her earthly family now and so suddenly.

11– hours or more of painting trim; baseboards, doors trim, closet trim, window trim, window itty-bitty bits, nearly endless!


Really the room re-do will get a post of its own in the future.  I’m so thankful with how well it has gone and my super-good helper!!

12 – scallops were given binding!

scallop snippit

This is my favorite… I have my tree skirt done and bound and labeled!  I hate to put it away until Christmas so it is on the bed in the extra room where there is no heat and we keep the door closed.  Is this different from being in a box labeled “Christmas”?   A separate post on the tree skirt is coming as well.

Hopefully, I can count better in March!  🙂

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I’m going to try to join in with Julie’s very fun blog and add in another journal – the Month in Numbers.  Here is January from a newbie!  🙂

I just found this last night so didn’t know to pay attention to the Communal Counts.

A) New things I tried: 2

  1. shopping for carpet in a decorating store
  2. wearing a fur hat  — warm, happy, proud

B) How much I paid for a loaf of bread this month: $2.99 for a regular loaf of 12-grain bread at the grocery store

My numbers:

Read 219 pages in a book – Something More by Catherine Marshall.  It was published in 1974!  (I’m NOT a reader so this is stunning that I’ve nearly finished one book in one month.)

I am keeping 8 journals —  in my A5 Fuchsia Filofax: a Five-Year Journal, a daily farm & family life journal, 365/30 Lists (a list per day, per month),  & to-do’s to Ta-Da’s!   Here on my blog will be: my month in numbers that I hope to make into mixed media art journals in various forms.  I also have a personal journal.   On my tablet that syncs with my phone, I have a running journal of appointments, special days, menus (counting as 1 journal), and my exercise log (counting as 1 journal).


I went to the fitness center to do water aerobics only 4 times.  (too much weather!)

We missed mail delivery because of snow 4 times because of too much snow.


Used 2 gallons of paint for 2 coats of paint to the ceiling in JP’s room.  Installed 1 new ceiling fan & light.  (cover of bulbs isn’t on yet as I think I’ll go with one step brighter bulbs)

P1010913 B

We received 1 letter – he is on 2 lists (Dean’s list & Chancellor’s list) – for a 4.0 grade for fall of 2013! Two proud parents.  🙂

P1010890 BCD

I hope you check out the Month in Numbers list that is growing on her blog.  There are several fun blogs already linked in the comments section.

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