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When the gov’t calls a legal holiday, I have a quilting friend with the day off! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Lunch out, a good drive, a quilt shop or clothing store or many of the above, and lots & lots of chat. ¬†It is great!

This trip I had 2 layer cakes (already purchased) that needed companion fabrics and my friend said one store had a lot of batiks and brights.  The store was beautiful!!  And quiet.  And great inventory! And I spread out all over.  Left them money and came home with 2 packets for future quilts, all ready to go.

yellows and greens various sized prints with a splash of dark green

Yellows, darker greens, browns, and near white with a “background” of grayish white and splash of brown/black. ¬†Dynamic!

pinks & purples & blues with a splash of gold B

Pinks, blues, purples in batiks with a “background” of violet and splash of gold with purples. ¬†I knew that color-wise a yellow would be a good compliment but I sure wasn’t sure I’d ever find it. ¬†Pleased with this stop in Monticello!

Do you separate your precuts when you buy them? ¬†I keep them wrapped up until I’m ready to use them. ¬† My friend got a new charm pack while we were out and immediately spread it out when we got home. ¬†So funny when we realized that!

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