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After sleeping in until 8 (me) and 9 (yes, he did! 2 nights of planting until 1 a.m. will do that!), we headed to between here & Miss K for a few hours with her.   Lunch at Longhorn was great!  I was given a gc for a free appetizer through the end of the month.

She brought me a succulent glass planter which I have at the kitchen sink window.  I love it!!  I hope I keep it alive.  Plus the gift bag had new yoga clothes.  Always fun! (tho not modeled for posting!)


She helped me with 2 upcoming projects; arranging a sewing area and a quilt challenge.  It is great to have feedback from her!

We found a park via google and hoped for a bench to sit and visit but it was a walking park only.  But so lovely!! A newer section had some newer trees coming along and was surrounded by timber overgrowth which was a good edge and barrier for the local homes.

My requested mother & daughter photo…. of course at the pink flowering tree!

And then she got silly so I grew taller!


Then to an older area that was wild timber area and just a dirt path.  The wildflowers were beautiful!!  So fun to see so many blooming!

03Dark wine-colored trillium!

05 b

04Jack-in-the-pulpit!  (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen these in bloom.)
With white violets… we just have purple & mixed purple white in our yard.

And who doesn’t need a cluster of Jacks?!
We continued on and had a visit over ice cream at an outside table at Culver’s.  They gave me a free sundae for Mother’s Day. Yeah!!  I got to see a project of hers and it was fun to chat about that.

I drove home and P was asleep before I got out of town!

Once home, we moved the planter and fertilizer tank to the field for Monday morning.  I then got my nap and P worked outside getting other things lined up for planting.  Rain is due again soon.

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One dear daughter made a quick run home for a 21-hour visit —

k 2

Flowers and gifts for my studio (to be decorated & posted later)!

k 1

One dear son called and chatted with me and sent the first of many yet-to-come final grades —

jp 1

He has finals this week so I’ll see him soon.  The weekend was for studying!


My brother & SIL brought my mom out for the weekend.  I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen her on Mother’s Day in the last 30 years.   My brother mowed for us, SIL planted 12 tomato plants in the garden, they maybe got a bit of R&R, and were spun in the chaos of our spring lifestyle but endured!  (Since P had eager helpers, he quickly smoothed the garden for the tomatoes with the 4-wheeler and the best red-neck garden leveler ever! But at speeds that made my photo taking difficult to catch 3 in one frame!)




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My Kids

… gave me a great Mother’s Day!

K came home Saturday arriving halfway through church to join me.   🙂   JP was drumming and greeted her in the café (during the message) with a hug that made her beam!

Sunday morning I awoke to a sign:


JP was at church and he doesn’t like to eat here so that was all OK.    We got there about 9:30 and it was full and slow but the food was not made by me and neither were the dishes done by me.  🙂

At home we relaxed a few minutes and then headed out to WORK!!  K had offered that she & the men would clean out my pond for Mother’s Day.  Lucky, JP…. the work was done without him!

My pump has never worked well and last year I never had it going.  Major load of leaves & ugh in there!

They pulled out my 2 pots of lilies.   OVER-crowded to say the least!  We trimmed off some plants and finally just gave up.  I have more than enough to repot for the pond.   After lunch & clean-up, K & I took the remaining lily hunks and put them in the creek.  They will either drift downstream or look lovely.   🙂

Sometime this week, I’ll get new pond baskets and potting mix for them and repot the lilies.   Love my lilies!!

That stupid striped grass has taken over so Phil worked at getting a lot of that out for me.  I rescued 3 dianthus and 2 columbine and hope they restart OK after being so disrupted!

Nina liked us being out with her but didn’t help much.  Munched on twigs a lot.

Doesn’t this look snuggly?

Another day I want to get the iris patch dug up and redone.  But not everything at one time!  😉

K also brought home gifts…. a new modern clock for my studio and a coordinating trash can.  She was shocked I was using a red bucket!  Now I’m using sleek, black.   Both kids gave me cards and Phil wrote a poem… 2 pages of notebook paper and it rhymes!!  🙂

A wonderful day was had by all!!  We were all too tired but it was a good day to be out.  Thank you, K & JP, for making us proud parents!!  ♥

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Mother’s Day

I was so happy to enjoy my day with JP here and K home for the day as well!  They make me a proud momma – they are such great kids!



Phil grilled steaks for dinner and I helped him make a salad.  Phil & K helped a TON to get a planting area cleaned up this afternoon so I can put in some mums to be pretty this fall.  We ordered pizza for early supper so K had time to get back home this evening.

What perks in having an arty daughter do the Mother’s Day shopping.    😉

I’m thankful for a good day with everyone!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I talked  to my mom a few times this week and she has received her card & gift.  I’m sorry I never get to spend Mother’s Day with her anymore.

This is a picture my dad took back just before they got married.   🙂

She is a great mom to all 4 of us, loves our spouses well, and adores having 10 grandkids to love & 7 great-grands!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  We love you both and pray for you more than you realize!

I’m ending my day with making a LOT of cinnamon rolls.  That’s a heads-up, Mr. Johnson!  :p

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