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My Paphiopedilum

Do you know that word?  I’m trying to say it so this title is my practice and reminder of what variety I’m talking about.

It is pronounced: Paff-ee-oh-ped-di-lum.  And that is also posted here for practice.

Orchids.  🙂   This one is also known as Lady Slipper.   My plant has 4 HUGE blooms this year.  The book says they’ll last about 3 months.  They are as fresh & shiny as day 1.  They bloomed just after New Year’s.   The leaves are about 1″ wide… these blooms are about 4″ across.

This is one of the 3 plants that Phil’s uncle gave me for Christmas 2010.  I feel a tad “accomplished” that I got this one to bloom all by myself.  However, I do admit to two non-blooming plants.  :\

Paff-ee-oh-ped-di-lum.  Practice.  I need more.


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Phil’s uncle raises orchids.  In a mad-scientist type of obsessive way!  It is amazing!!!

On his small city lot, he has built a greenhouse that is accessible by crossing a small bridge over the koi pond.  Darling!  (can I say that about a man’s yard???)

The first room of the greenhouse includes a workshop and his canaries.  He has the males in separate cages… about 10, I’d guess.   The other birds are in a large aviary (floor-to-ceiling) and had at least 20 birds.  Too cute!!  They are peach-colored, I don’t know the breed name.

The room to the south is his greenhouse.  It is FULL, I mean FULL of orchids!  I don’t know how many plants or varieties but I’d guess 100 pots.  Just full!!  It was rough enough to be manly but midst that was a bloom here and a bloom there.  Gorgeous!!  Deep purple, pink, yellow, and lime green blooms!

When we were eating dinner, I was near Uncle and asked him a few questions about an orchid plant I have.  He rattles the Latin names with ease and I’m still confused about which varieties I have!!  I asked if he had any for sale and he said he had some on special “for today”.  🙂

After dinner, I begged (it was easy) and we got to go see the greenhouse.  I had been out there several years ago as well.  But since then he got me started on growing them with a gifted orchid plant 3 or 4 years ago.

I loved the tour!

He had some plant clusters in wooden planters that he made.

I noticed one plant trailing across the ceiling.   That is a vanilla orchid.  He said it needs to be 30 FEET long before it will flower and THEN produce a vanilla bean.   Did you know vanilla beans come from orchids?  I had no idea!  No wonder they are expensive.   He doubted he’d ever see that one flower.

After I admired them all in the greenhouse, I asked if Phil could buy one.  He said, “No.”






And then he added, “but I have 2 or 3 Paphiopedilum {lady slippers} in the house you could have.”  I nearly hugged him but they are not the hugging kind of family.

We went back in the house and after a bit more visiting headed home after Uncle covered 3 plants with bags for our ride!  I was so very excited!!!

The three plants are sporting 12 flowers all together!  I have the smallest pot on the kitchen table and the others in the front window.  After the living room gets rearranged this week, I’ll move one to the coffee table.

Uncle has 2 of the flowers wired on the lady slippers so I want to find some coated wire for the other blooms.  Too bad I didn’t remember that when I was in the craft store yesterday!
Meanwhile, my Dendrobium has been in bloom since the end of October and is starting to wane.
My 2 Phalaenopsis plants have both just started to put out a flower shoot.   They are usually blooming by Valentine’s Day so right on schedule, I’d guess.

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Phil brought home a new orchid plant yesterday!

He made a very good choice as I love orchid plants and it will last much longer than fresh flowers.   Several blooms are open and there are many more to come.   This one has a lot of leaves.  My current one of this same variety of orchid (different colored blooms) refuses to support more than 3 leaves….

I made the men a Peach Berry Pie and there are no leftovers they can share.  😉

Today Phil & I went to the city an hour away for lunch out and shopping.  Just 2 1/2 miles from home, Phil wondered if he saw an eagle in the field.  We turned around and sure enough, YES!!  {And to think I had considered bringing my camera and changed my mind.}

The eagle was snacking on some meat in the field surrounded by crows who knew better than to mess with a eagle that is eating! As we stopped, the eagle decided he didn’t like us there so took off.  How amazing to see the wing span as he soared to the far side of the field and the row of trees.  Beautiful!

At the biggest town between here & there, we slowly swerved around something in the road.  Valentine cupcakes and the cookie sheet they were on!!  :O   And then our imagined stories flowed… I really think that someone got to Sunday School this morning without the cupcakes for the party!!  😦  I think that because the pan was still in the MIDDLE of the road, that the driver didn’t know the cupcakes were not inside the card.  Oh my!!!

We arrived for lunch before a crowd, which was our goal.  We did some shopping for odds & ends we needed here at home.  Since the day was still young, we stopped to walk through the antique mall.  We always enjoy that!

I found this cross-stitched tablecloth for $5!  🙂 It is in wonderful condition.  I received the book, Wholecloth Linen Quilts, for Christmas and had read through it last week.  I’ve watched the author on The Quilt Show and knew I’d love the book.  So this will be my first quilted linen.

I’m not too sure the “lace” edging will stay as it doesn’t seem to go with the embroidery or time period. All the embroidery looks beautiful still!

I also found this sewing chick/duck!  If the scissors didn’t have such a big nut on them, they’d slide through for the beak/bill!

It has a little drawer on one side with goodies inside!

I think I’ll give it a new pin cushion in time but just had to show you first!  🙂

On the way home, Phil slowed at the eagle corner and we were surprised one was still there eating… along with 2 other friends!!  Phil pulled to the side of the road and all 3 Bald Eagles took off.  Soaring… A beautiful sight!!

I saw my first eagles in the fall of 08 on our trip to Prairie du Chien, WI.  I saw one on my way to my parents’ in January.  Now these 3… amazing!  Phil has noticed an eagle down this road before.  Thrilling to see 3!

I’ll top off the evening by watching The Olympics.

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