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No Pancakes

For many years P & JP went to pancake day.  But JP grew up and moved on and will be discussing Modern Physics (ie Physics 3) this morning.

For several years R has gotten to go along.  Those men would have a wonderful time dreaming of spring days and working together again and catch up on all the winter stories and well….. eat pancakes!  In fact, they had a lot of fun!!
So R’s dear wife asked if any women went.    And I thought that yes, we wives should go. We have cabin-fever too.   I’m sure I could have some good ol’ sausage to at least be called a breakfast.  And then double the amount of coffee for my friend since I don’t drink it.  Win-win for both of us.

But R & his DW had conflicts for pancake day today.  *sigh*   I’ll  have to take her out for a nice ladies lunch.  🙂

And my P came in this morning and went straight to his office, with the phone book, and sat in the chair.  😦

We have a leaking pipe by the shed.  The well-type underground water person has just arrived.

And the dog wanted to go help when the worker arrived.

mar 5 B

P wanted to say on the phone to just bring the backhoe on your first trip.  He didn’t.  And then he left.  Another day he’ll be back to fix the leaking pipe or broken lines or whatever happens underground in between there and the well and probably bring the back-hoe.

P came back in to a warm & friendly greeting.
mar 5 A

He even made it back inside in time for us to go get pancakes AND make it to his other time spot as well.  But he already had quickly eaten breakfast at home while waiting impatiently for the well-type underground water person to come.

Today = no pancakes for any of us.  Did you get pancakes?

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Spring Sprung A Leak!

Just had to tell you that spring has sprung!  Personally, I get more excited when my daffodils bloom but….

Gpa M came to borrow our gas tank that we use on the grill.  He uses it for his turkey cooker which is really used for cooking syrup.  (…or for cooking sweet corn depending on the season.)

He tapped 2 maple trees yesterday and today had 7 gallons of sap!!  (See… I said it sprung a leak!)  And the tap came out of one tree or something or other malfunctioned so he should have had more!


JP likes it.  He likes it even more if someone else cooks the pancakes.  :\

Do you tap maple trees?  Is it flowing where you are?  Do you like it?

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