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I got


(and you thought taking pix of littles was difficult!)  These are from Thursday.  Maybe too much birthday pie and fair food!

kids 1

kids 2 disappeared

(quick disappearing act!)

kids 3(note the fake arm around sister…)

kids 4

kids 5(why the head shadows????)

kids 6(nice flash in the mirror and someone seems taller here ???)

kids 7

kids 8(Ugh on the shadows!!  And too bad I didn’t know this until after K went home!)

kids 9(So is this with the flash off?  I have no idea but no shadows but not great lighting either. )

On Friday, K had appointments for a massage and a haircut.  Afterwards, we all headed to the good shopping city.  We had another birthday supper for JP at bd’s Mongolian Grill.  YUM!!  And a picture again for Mom. 🙂

kids at bd's

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Weekend Bliss!

Last weekend we enjoyed the company of family.  🙂 David is my nephew and he has given us such great additions with a beautiful wife and darling son.  Sarah is our family photographer and we asked her to do JP’s senior pictures.  

senior-picturesI was trying to get a shot of all 4 of them but my camera is slow.  I think I’m supposed to be helping at this point.  

(Sarah is cooking the next addition due to debut in September. 🙂 )


With 3″ of snow forecast for Sunday (along with rain & sleet), Sarah got to work soon after they arrived.  

David & I were the easily distracted helpers.   climbing-up big-boy


After supper on Saturday night, the men headed outside to try out JP’s airsoft guns and his shooting range/hiding spots.  JP loves having David visit!  They share computer talk and guy time.   guy-time


The rest of their time here we kept cozy inside and we  had a few riotous rounds of Balderdash & Scattegories.  

Fun moments of toddler giggles.  

Quiet times of toddler naps and mommy chat.  

Sweet memories made. truck-driver

Phil brought the semi truck out for play on Sunday and the hide & seek of Aaron’s stuffed eagle (Tuffy) resulted in shrieks & giggles of fun.


Aaron wasn’t as shy as when they were here 6 months ago.  I got a few hugs AND kissed his little cheek when they had to head home on Monday.  

He is such fun!

The best response was to see his love of all things kitchen when he *gasped* at the sight of my PC utensil holder just brimming with spatulas and plastic spoons!  He sat for the longest time at the table while we talked, entertained by a plastic bowl, 2 mini wooden spoons, and measuring spoons.

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