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Nine Month Old Puppy

Nina wanted to show you her 9 month old pictures.  Do you think she is still a cute puppy?  🙂

DSCF4507She loves to sleep on her back!

DSCF4588Hangin’ out with Phil.  So funny she put her arm up on his leg!  They had just been playing on the floor and I think she thought she was still top dog.


DSCF4556To give you a better glimpse of how big she is.


Comfy chair!  I had to use 2 tapes on the lint remover to get off the dog hair!

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A Strong Puppy

So this month marked 7 months for Nina.  We haven’t weighed her since May but in keeping the pattern she’d be in the 70 pound range now.

Would you like to come & hold her while I read the scale?  🙂

Nina loves to play frisbee with the men.  But she plays hard and then finally quits and just sits down.  Or she gets wild and goes for a long run!

The other night she took off in the bean field to the east of the house.  Running and jumping through the soybeans.  But.. that was too far heading to the highway so they men were calling her back.

She returned nearer the bins but was now in the mood of “you can’t get me”.  😛   I was near the kitchen windows watching some of this.   Phil called for me to call for Nina.  (She does obey better for me.)

I went to the deck and called and she came a runnin’ at full force and flew up the deck!!   It is 2 steps and at that speed she just clears the steps.  I actually grabbed her leash on the way by in a lerch of my own and she was stopped on the deck.

She REALLY needed a rest so I took her to her pool and then hooked her up in the area with the cable.  The men went farther away in the yard to play people frisbee.  (JP got good playing frisbee at Worldview Academy and he got a super quality frisbee they don’t use with Nina.)

I returned inside as my supper was ready.

About that quick, I heard them yell again.   She had decided she didn’t need a rest and took off after the frisbee!  I thought she broke the stake out of the ground (metal rod that Phil has rewelded already).

But no… her collar was laying hooked to the cable.   She snapped the plastic closure off the collar!!  Never holds her back or makes her yelp.   *sigh*

But now… we have a collarless dog!  Thankfully she ran to JP and he had ahold of her.

Phil & I hunted in the basement and found an old collar from another dog.  It is wider than we’ve used, has a big metal buckle, but barely goes around.   But I got it on the last hole so she was good to go.

I brought her in the house.   A bit later, I saw she had been sitting at the back door watching them play so I went to get my camera.   Instead she turned and headed up to see me.

July 2“Can I go out now?”

The next day, JP & I returned the broken collar with the lifetime guarantee to the Dog Center where we took classes.  I got another one but this one only has metal rings.   🙂   Gotta love the collar & leash company and their lifetime guarantees.   We’ve now gone through 3 leashes (she chewed 2, now she doesn’t chew so much) and now are on our 2nd collar.   (The collar cost $10 the first time.  Cheaper than Farm & Cheap! 🙂 )

This is from a few weeks ago.   Her favorite way to relax and cool off.

July 1

We aren’t too sure how she’ll do for 4 days without her 2 favorite people.   She is staying home with Dad.   They will have good bonding time.

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The Other Graduation

Midst the trip to Chicago and the frills of K’s grad






the hustle of whipping the house & yard into shape and cooking a boatload of food for JP’s grad….




Nina (the pyrenees puppy) graduated from Beginning Obedience Class!

before grad May 20Nina LOVES to go for rides.

Going to dog class is even more fun!  She is so tall she likes to watch out the back and side windows just sitting there.  When she lays down, she nearly takes the whole back seat.

grad day Nina

Waiting for our turn to take the test.

Nina & LillyLilly was Nina’s friend from Puppy Preschool.  They loved to play together and Nina proved the “gentle giant” nickname!  They are only a week apart in age.

class dogsOther dogs in the class included Angel (left), a German Shepherd, and 2 brothers (I don’t know the breed) Jeffy & Ican’tremember.  🙂  There was also a blue heeler mix that was testing while we were all waiting.

JP & NinaNow by mid-June, Nina is getting just too big for JP’s lap.  We think she is probably 65 pounds.

The hardest part of the test for the Beginning Obedience level was the sit for 30 seconds.  She is very good with the sit command, mostly I use the hand signals, but it was like she figured if she needed to sit that long, she might as well lay down all the way and then the time ended and we had to start over.  Finally after going through all the other test items with ease, she did the sit for 30 secs just fine.  🙂

It didn’t help that because I was so busy with the rest of life, we never practiced at home.

Nina & I didn’t stay for the offer of professional pictures but we did bring home her certificate with her name.  🙂

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Out for a Walk

Nina and I took a much bigger walk today than our normal few loops around the bins & yard.  

Wanna see what we saw?


At puppy class, we were told to always walk them on the same side.   Choose a side and the puppy would learn to walk on that side. 


I chose the left side because JP takes her out a lot and he is left-handed.   The last several times I have had her out, she chooses my left.  Very cool!  🙂


On another day, I was carrying a bag for the dumpster so only had the leash in my right hand and not crossed over to my left hand.  She immediately went behind me to the left.  I had to juggle my trash and get the leash switched.  

In that picture above, you can see her broken leash.  You know… the one I just bought on Wednesday that came with the lifetime guarentee that she chewed through on Friday!!  


We went east from the house, passed the brown shed, and across the creek on the dry ground (called a waterway at this point), and then headed south.  

Stayed mostly in the grassy area since the corn field had fertilizer.   Then around a bend…


Heading west behind the barn.

apr-11-6A few pigs looked out at us.


We went by Phil’s wheat field.  Looks good!


apr-11-7A few new shoots of grass coming up in the creek.



Heading back we crossed the creek and I showed Nina the fresh spring water.  She liked it!!  🙂  Slurp!!  She drinks so much it seems compared to Molly who hardly ever drinks or eats when we are around.   

A wonderful day for a walk.  Mid-50’s a light breeze.  I had on a sweatshirt jacket and that was good.  

Later, I finished putting together the top for my guild April Nickel Square Challenge.  Next I need to mark the quilting.  I have a week to finish… doing pretty good!

Phil has just brought in the tractor from applying anhydrous.   8:45 p.m.  The start of the late nights.

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About My Leave of Blogging

So if you read the last few posts … or wherever I put it… JP & I got slammed with the flu now turned into a head cold.  Blech!  

So there wasn’t enough brain matter that was usable for blogging.  

I thought I’d post an update.  However, there is not much to say.  

Nina went to Puppy Preschool again this morning.  We were supposed to work on “drop it”.  However, she could NOT have cared LESS about any toy that was offered to her.  She never picked one up so I never could tell her to drop it!  

In Dorman’s words…. “Some people’s children!”  


Meanwhile, Phil got a haircut tonight and I made him mark the hem on my new pants.  I draped the pants over the back of the rocking chair so I could fix them tomorrow.  

I was in the kitchen and noticed Nina chewing and looking guilty.  


Finally, I went to once again get something out of her mouth. 

A PIN!!  

She pulled it from the hem of my pants that were hanging there.  Just chewing away.  

I don’t have a more recent picture of her.  Hopefully this one that K took when she was home a few weeks ago will suffice.  


Now Nina nearly looks me eye-to-eye when I sit on the floor with her.  

She really likes being outside and spends most of her waking time outside.  Then we bribe her to come it.  🙂 She prefers to nap inside and her food is here.

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We had a fun weekend with K at home.  Friday night she met Nina.  And Molly was thrilled she was home as well! dogs-k-p1Nina was actually all over K when she arrived.  K was pleased to meet her as well.   We imagined Molly telling K how rotten we had been in bringing home a puppy!  😉  Saturday was busy with errands and various appointments for K.   I was able to clean in my sewing room a bit and fulfill a special request for JP. jp-holster A holster for his air soft gun made from an old pair of his jeans.   k-cutting K’s handwork was making more silk flowers.   I said I wanted her scraps…. hand dyed silk… she showed me how she was keeping them!  Hmpf! ks-scraps She is threading the scraps onto a long thread for whoknowswhat.  The little baggie to the right has petals cut out. After we arrived at her alleyway for unloading Sunday night, she had these for me & Phil.  🙂  

silk-flowersThey are about 1 1/2″ across.  Dainty!

Phil has a new phone and wanted a picture of the 3 of us and the two doggies for his opening background.   Of course I had to have one on the real camera.  😉   jp-mom-k-and-dogs

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Which Title?

I took this video out the kitchen window Sunday morning after our 5″ or so of snow.  Phil was out with Nina…. pitching snowballs from the side.  

No music…. I hope you don’t mind.  Usually it drives me nuts w/ music!

So we could call this Nina in the Snow

or Snowball Fight

or Why Joyce Won’t Have a Pretty Flower Bed This Year!

Here are BIG puppy paws –

puppy-paws11 week Great Pyrenees paws

Lovin’ on Molly –  heehee


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At Quilt Guild on Monday, they had the raffle quilt finished and done for us to see for the first time.  


It is so pretty… I love the fabrics!!  CW Repoductions.

TOO BAD we don’t have tickets to sell since we don’t have volunteers to do that!  Ugh!!   (And that isn’t even what makes me cranky…)  I guess if we don’t have tickets to sell the president gets the quilt.  🙂 

ETA: Friday 5:30 p.m. I have a 3 person team to get the tickets ready to sell!!! Yeah!!!  

We can’t believe how much Nina has grown!  We’ll see if the pictures show it.  These were from Tuesday night.



Nina starts Puppy Preschool with me next week.   I mean that I am taking her… she won’t be homeschooled!  🙂  

But she really is doing great at home.   In the mornings after Phil brings her up to the house, I’ve been having the gate at the kitchen open and she is doing great with staying off the carpet.  

This morning I told her to stay while I got towels for the washer.  She stayed and just sat there waiting.  🙂  

She loves to wander to the basement and hopefully find Molly to pester.   

So far there are 3 in the puppy class and the receptionist said one is a tiny breed and will be able to perch on my puppy’s head.  When I took a little tour of the place yesterday, I met the owner’s 2 Golden Retrievers.  Nina’s paws are bigger now than their full-grown feet.  😀  

I’ll keep you posted!  Hopefully I can take pictures at class.  LOL!

Goal: 4 batches of soap today & tomorrow. 

Meanwhile: Winter storm warning 6 – 8″ due for us.

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Some pictures…

This was forgotten on my camera… a great sunrise a week or so ago.  When we still had snow! (only the pile in the field remains…)


Today was up to 60′ and while I was taking pictures of Phil’s rack for K, JP & Nina were out for a walk.  Nina was so thrilled JP found a big stick for her.  And so mad later when the stick didn’t come in the house.  LOL!


She frequently choses to sleep UNDER the cabinets!  

fav-place-to-sleepToday included much more time outside.  🙂   She stays in the kitchen when she is inside but she is inside a lot sometimes!  We are going to work on that.  🙂

Phil found her UNDER the deck!  Awful mess… mud dripping from her paws.   We rinsed them off in the basement shower.  


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Decision Made….

And Nina & I won!!  🙂  🙂  🙂

I was at the chiro this afternoon and when I checked my mail about 7 p.m. I had an email from The Quilt Show — that I had won the Pet Contest!! 



Thank you for voting!  The email said they’d be sending me a Super Goodie Bag.  🙂  

Nina continues her 1 accident in the house a day.  We are trying to learn the difference between the whine = I want to go out and the whine = come back and play with me!  

She is still oh.so.fluffy and it is so fun to pet her.   She is thrilled with whomever has just returned home.  🙂  

Thank you for voting!!  

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