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Another Trail

Today we walked another way…. and here my photos

april 18

I sat in the waterway while she sniffed.  We had come through a new place and not that she doesn’t come out here but just not with me.  As if I don’t know she wanders here!  ha!  She forgot that I have eyes in the back of my head.  And eyes that see out of the basement to the fields.  (except when The Farmer needs me to watch for something…)




I really wanted her to look at me for a selfie… but she hates having her photo taken with my phone (she doesn’t mind the camera!) and I’m not too good at selfies.

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Who Loves Winter?

She does.

Nina mid Feb 01 B

The snow drift has gotten a lot smaller but it seems she likes that spot for guarding.

Nina mid Feb 02 B

She heard me through the window and turned!

Nina mid Feb 03 BShe really doesn’t like her photo taken.  And when she is inside, she is usually sound asleep.

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Time to Plant

Phil put the planter in the ground this evening.   It has been a dry sunny week and he finished all the preliminary work on Friday morning.  Today they finished getting the planter ready, hauled manure, and moved pigs.

I was out while he was loading the planter for the field outside my kitchen window.  While I sat on the tailgate, Nina just watched.

I tried to get a good photo of Nina & me.

I tried to give her a hug and she pulled me backwards…

And then he got to near the highway and got out to check the seeds in the ground.  That was enough for Nina so she took off to run to Daddy.   😦   So Phil had to walk her back down to the house (she wouldn’t “come” to me or “go” from him) while I walked up to meet them.  I brought her in the house.  She was plenty tired anyway but ticked she had to come in.

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Nina Time

Here are some photos I took of Nina on Easter.

First off — proof she DOES fit on her bed for those (3) of my family that think I made the bed too small!  Hmpf!

Aerial view:

She LOVED having K’s attention!

And then I think she got tired of my flash… she kept closing her eyes when I came near!   🙂

And she didn’t seem to care too much that someone was on her bed! LOL!

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Nina & the Rules

Our biggest rule for Nina is that she stay off the carpet.

However, we are softies and she ends up laying on the edge most of the time.  🙂  (I love the new Dyson vacuum!)  Mostly she stays behind the rocking chair but that leaves plenty of room for one very large puppy!  I prefer to have her off the carpet!

This last week she has taken to just sitting 100% on the carpet but with her back to us.  I guess if she can’t see us, we can’t see she is ON THE CARPET!!  What a game!

Phil was on the couch the other night and saw her find this new position.

It is funny how frequently she has her head smashed against something hard when she is sleeping.  I wonder if it has anything to do with being born in a wooden box with 7 siblings and a big mom!  🙂

Another day she walked around with her pacifier toy in her mouth correctly! It was so funny but hard to get a good picture.

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Frisbee Fun

A great afternoon routine this summer has been frisbee time for Nina & JP.   We have had this huge frisbee for several years and it is Nina’s favorite!


Obviously, Nina is a bit hard on it.  Now I have to try to find a new one.


She just loves this!



She catches it nearly every time.  Sometimes by the inner opening and sometimes by the outer edge.  However, she doesn’t take it back to JP very often.   Mostly, he has to trick her and give her a good tackle!



No frisbee play today.  Nina went to the vet this a.m. for her “Bob Barker treatment”.   The men returned before noon to bring her home.   She is sleeping away the afternoon in the hallway on a flannel sheet.

JP had to go out and work with Phil.  I heard a thump and I think she tried to go out with him.  She is now turned around.  I petted her and laid her head back down and soon she was sound asleep.

I want to get to swim soon but think I’ll wait until JP returns.

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Nine Month Old Puppy

Nina wanted to show you her 9 month old pictures.  Do you think she is still a cute puppy?  🙂

DSCF4507She loves to sleep on her back!

DSCF4588Hangin’ out with Phil.  So funny she put her arm up on his leg!  They had just been playing on the floor and I think she thought she was still top dog.


DSCF4556To give you a better glimpse of how big she is.


Comfy chair!  I had to use 2 tapes on the lint remover to get off the dog hair!

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A Strong Puppy

So this month marked 7 months for Nina.  We haven’t weighed her since May but in keeping the pattern she’d be in the 70 pound range now.

Would you like to come & hold her while I read the scale?  🙂

Nina loves to play frisbee with the men.  But she plays hard and then finally quits and just sits down.  Or she gets wild and goes for a long run!

The other night she took off in the bean field to the east of the house.  Running and jumping through the soybeans.  But.. that was too far heading to the highway so they men were calling her back.

She returned nearer the bins but was now in the mood of “you can’t get me”.  😛   I was near the kitchen windows watching some of this.   Phil called for me to call for Nina.  (She does obey better for me.)

I went to the deck and called and she came a runnin’ at full force and flew up the deck!!   It is 2 steps and at that speed she just clears the steps.  I actually grabbed her leash on the way by in a lerch of my own and she was stopped on the deck.

She REALLY needed a rest so I took her to her pool and then hooked her up in the area with the cable.  The men went farther away in the yard to play people frisbee.  (JP got good playing frisbee at Worldview Academy and he got a super quality frisbee they don’t use with Nina.)

I returned inside as my supper was ready.

About that quick, I heard them yell again.   She had decided she didn’t need a rest and took off after the frisbee!  I thought she broke the stake out of the ground (metal rod that Phil has rewelded already).

But no… her collar was laying hooked to the cable.   She snapped the plastic closure off the collar!!  Never holds her back or makes her yelp.   *sigh*

But now… we have a collarless dog!  Thankfully she ran to JP and he had ahold of her.

Phil & I hunted in the basement and found an old collar from another dog.  It is wider than we’ve used, has a big metal buckle, but barely goes around.   But I got it on the last hole so she was good to go.

I brought her in the house.   A bit later, I saw she had been sitting at the back door watching them play so I went to get my camera.   Instead she turned and headed up to see me.

July 2“Can I go out now?”

The next day, JP & I returned the broken collar with the lifetime guarantee to the Dog Center where we took classes.  I got another one but this one only has metal rings.   🙂   Gotta love the collar & leash company and their lifetime guarantees.   We’ve now gone through 3 leashes (she chewed 2, now she doesn’t chew so much) and now are on our 2nd collar.   (The collar cost $10 the first time.  Cheaper than Farm & Cheap! 🙂 )

This is from a few weeks ago.   Her favorite way to relax and cool off.

July 1

We aren’t too sure how she’ll do for 4 days without her 2 favorite people.   She is staying home with Dad.   They will have good bonding time.

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The Other Graduation

Midst the trip to Chicago and the frills of K’s grad






the hustle of whipping the house & yard into shape and cooking a boatload of food for JP’s grad….




Nina (the pyrenees puppy) graduated from Beginning Obedience Class!

before grad May 20Nina LOVES to go for rides.

Going to dog class is even more fun!  She is so tall she likes to watch out the back and side windows just sitting there.  When she lays down, she nearly takes the whole back seat.

grad day Nina

Waiting for our turn to take the test.

Nina & LillyLilly was Nina’s friend from Puppy Preschool.  They loved to play together and Nina proved the “gentle giant” nickname!  They are only a week apart in age.

class dogsOther dogs in the class included Angel (left), a German Shepherd, and 2 brothers (I don’t know the breed) Jeffy & Ican’tremember.  🙂  There was also a blue heeler mix that was testing while we were all waiting.

JP & NinaNow by mid-June, Nina is getting just too big for JP’s lap.  We think she is probably 65 pounds.

The hardest part of the test for the Beginning Obedience level was the sit for 30 seconds.  She is very good with the sit command, mostly I use the hand signals, but it was like she figured if she needed to sit that long, she might as well lay down all the way and then the time ended and we had to start over.  Finally after going through all the other test items with ease, she did the sit for 30 secs just fine.  🙂

It didn’t help that because I was so busy with the rest of life, we never practiced at home.

Nina & I didn’t stay for the offer of professional pictures but we did bring home her certificate with her name.  🙂

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Out for a Walk

Nina and I took a much bigger walk today than our normal few loops around the bins & yard.  

Wanna see what we saw?


At puppy class, we were told to always walk them on the same side.   Choose a side and the puppy would learn to walk on that side. 


I chose the left side because JP takes her out a lot and he is left-handed.   The last several times I have had her out, she chooses my left.  Very cool!  🙂


On another day, I was carrying a bag for the dumpster so only had the leash in my right hand and not crossed over to my left hand.  She immediately went behind me to the left.  I had to juggle my trash and get the leash switched.  

In that picture above, you can see her broken leash.  You know… the one I just bought on Wednesday that came with the lifetime guarentee that she chewed through on Friday!!  


We went east from the house, passed the brown shed, and across the creek on the dry ground (called a waterway at this point), and then headed south.  

Stayed mostly in the grassy area since the corn field had fertilizer.   Then around a bend…


Heading west behind the barn.

apr-11-6A few pigs looked out at us.


We went by Phil’s wheat field.  Looks good!


apr-11-7A few new shoots of grass coming up in the creek.



Heading back we crossed the creek and I showed Nina the fresh spring water.  She liked it!!  🙂  Slurp!!  She drinks so much it seems compared to Molly who hardly ever drinks or eats when we are around.   

A wonderful day for a walk.  Mid-50’s a light breeze.  I had on a sweatshirt jacket and that was good.  

Later, I finished putting together the top for my guild April Nickel Square Challenge.  Next I need to mark the quilting.  I have a week to finish… doing pretty good!

Phil has just brought in the tractor from applying anhydrous.   8:45 p.m.  The start of the late nights.

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