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It is rare that I get a chance to piece a quilt.  But there are gifts for special ones that go out ‘in haste’ here & there.

This is for a friend’s first granddaughter that is due soon. A family friend found me via FB and asked if I and any of our group’s quilters would like to make a baby quilt.   Sadly, our friend died 7 yrs ago and we thought it would be sweet to bless the daughter with quilts from her quilting friends as her mother would have been doing.  I was the only one that sent a quilt. The baby’s room is painted a golden yellow with accents in navy, purple, and fuchsia.

I chose the accent colors from my stash but just could not find the right background fabric for this.  I could drive 1 – 1 1/2 hrs each way to a modern quilt shop to try to find something which adds up to “take a day trip” with 3 hrs on the road, lunch out, etc.  I could have looked online for awhile and ordered but then I wouldn’t have it in time.  Or… I could dye my own!  My SIL was here and I was asking her help with choosing dyes off my color chart. Nothing was quite right and I was also looking for yellow dyes in the storage drawers.  There NOT on the chart but in my inventory, was pencil yellow.  Yes!  That was the color we wanted and I had bought that on a special – no longer made deal.  Of course, now I love it and hope to get some more pencil yellow fabric from my amount of dye.


The next day I dyed an extra amount of fabric than my plan needed just to be sure I had enough.  I was also making my own pattern so was just using my guesstimated amount of fabric needed.  I used about a 1/2 strength of dye.  I stirred the dye about every 15 mins for an  hour to have it more of a ‘solid but not quite’ coloring.  I was so excited as I think it came out perfect to what I wanted!
I cut the half-square triangles (HSTs) with my accuquilt Go! cutter.  LOVE IT!  I line up the fabrics that will be sewn together, right sides together, and they come out of the cutter ready to zip under the sewing machine.

Once I had all the HSTs sewn and pressed, I laid out part of the center design.


Sewed the top together…


And this also shows some of the quilting marks I made before I loaded it in my machine for quilting.  I had guidelines for the circles and divisions of 8 or 4 per ring.

First the detail quilting in a variegated thread that stands out on the lighter fabrics.


The finished quilt – quilted, labeled, bound, & washed.

12Close-up of a corner and you can see the circular designs.  The background fill thread was a matching yellow and a finer size thread.


The back of the quilt. Once again, without going to buy the fabrics, I pieced the back from other fabrics in my stash.  🙂

I appliquéd the baby’s first initial and a heart, then pieced in the diagonal piece of fabric for an accent.

label 01
I had help from my family & friends on the label verse but I found it fitting since the mom has never met me. It was just a gift from God, with love from one of her mom’s quilting friends.  Sent from Illinois to Mississippi.


The one who contacted me and the new mother were surprised at how well it matched the baby’s room.  Yeah!  I loved this quilt and had a hard time putting it in the box to ship away.  It was a gift of love so I knew I needed to send it.  It sounds like it was well received.

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Today I attended a machine quilting class by Jamie Wallen.  This is so how I think… free-form free-motion quilting.  We worked with markers/pens & sketch pads and I’m in awe of what I learned.  Just stunning!!  I hope to make some samples soon and will show you.

These are shots from Jamie’s samples —

I learned how to do all this!!! 🙂

But in all the free-motion work I’ve done, I’ve never tried feathers.  I love feathers.  Just never taken the time.  I’m so glad I waited to be taught correctly.   🙂

Here are some of the drawings I did.  The only guidelines we had were the square outlines for the 2 on the right.   Of course, I need to practice more but I can’t wait to graduate to thread in my machine.  🙂

He also taught a lot about the machines.  There were several machines represented there (I was the only one w/o a long-arm) and he gave so much information on care and adjustments.

At the class, a lady diagonally across from me said at lunch that I looked familiar.  I told her where I’m from which is far from where I was for this class.  Then she asked if I had kids.  Yes, but we homeschooled them (I was thinking she knew us from area sports or ? ) .   She asked where they were born and when I said 1 town and then the other town in HRMs, she nodded.

So… my High Risk doctor during my pregnancy with JP is her boss, she is the Physician’s Assistant.   I said my son is 18  years old!  She remembers me!  I’m picking my brain still to remember!  Mostly I had the Residents for  my doctors and their nurses.     I told a bit of my story with JP and my time at the hospital.  Then she asked how he is.   I was so thrilled to say he is fine and bright and a bean pole!! 🙂   I’m going to dig up some pictures to show her at class tomorrow.

I got home at 6:15 tonight to be greeted by wonderful news that a SL mom had her baby today and named her nearly after our Miss K.   Middle name is Joy for the new baby.   🙂   That gives me tears…..

I’m more confirmed in my machine choice for several reasons I learned today.  That makes me happy!  And I’m more anxious for the day to come.

What a wonderful day!!  Must get a good night’s sleep!

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