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I planned to open June with my own personal quilt retreat.  Free, my timing, no carrying of supplies and machine, my own bed, my own food, but it was quiet without girlfriends!  I tried to plan out easy meals but that didn’t go so well and of course, I still had to do dishes!  I did make chocolate cake the day before so I kept the bit of chocolate/treats idea.

I started Friday after supper and got in some arranging of the sewing rooms, got my AccuQuilt Go! Cutter, planned my pattern with EQ7, and got out my fabrics.

cutting with Go

On Saturday, I cut fabrics for one block and pieced it.  This Swoon block is 24″ finished.  Huge!!  This will be fun to quilt when I get the top made.


chain piecing geese


I only pieced for a few hours on Saturday but I finished 2 blocks.

pressing B

(I found a great pressing tutorial via Pinterest.  One diagram kept confusing me as the back of her fabrics made the medium fabric look like a light fabric.  This is my version for reference for the corner units.)

2 blocks B

On Sunday, I took it slow but made a 3rd Swoon block.  I also cut fabrics for 2 more blocks.  For now, my goal is 6 blocks for a throw size.  I also might add a pieced border to make it a bit wider.  Yet to be determined.  I’ll let you know when I get farther down the road.

3 blocks B

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Misc Farm Fest

More chat & more photos from our quilt retreat —

E & I LOVED this quilt and would like to make smaller versions of it.  Maybe a 3 x 3 setting with 5 pieced houses.  So….. we left here VERY early at 6:35 a.m. on Saturday so that we could go to the sponsoring quilt shop.   At the retreat site, they had a bit of “store” but only had this in kit form which we didn’t need.   The shop opened at 7 for retreaters and we were given a 20% discount so wanted to enjoy that for the day.  We got there around 7:40.

However, amongst the whole fabric line was NO bolt of the background tree print.  The part we loved the most!! 😦   E needed backing for another quilt so got that.  Imagine this…. I left w/o buying!!  🙂   Phil won’t believe it either!    I’ll either look  online or check the shop in September or admit that I won’t get it made for a Christmas present anyway and give it up.

The retreat site opened at 8 and we got there about 8:20 and got back to sewing. Class was officially back in session at 9.

Here is a collage of a samples from each class besides ours.

You can click the photo to see if bigger if you need.

The class shown on the top had most of their work done by Friday evening!  Some started a second quilt on Saturday.  It looked like they had done pre-cutting and then had big (12″?) blocks put together quickly.  I saw them working on design walls as there are several ways to arrange the block.  Cool!

Some of the circle quilts looked all pieced by the time we were heading out.

The Farmer’s Daughter (pinks & blues shown) did a lot of piecing as we did and had just started to assemble the tops.

The baskets were next to us and several of my guild friends were there.  (Note Beth’s pose for me 🙂  I had a shot of 3 tops and then she turned the other way so I complained.  I got this in return!! LOL!!)  Very cute pattern.  This was our other choice for class.

The setting was a gym at a Christian school and it was just perfect!!  The room was divided into the 5 classrooms w/ moveable walls.  Each area was made just the right size for each class.  Then a larger sitting area w/ round tables for our meals.

This is Barbara, our teacher, getting us started on Friday morning.  She was very nice and helpful.  It was cute that each teacher decorated their teaching desk and had little perks for us.   Barbara had a basket with basic quilting tips written out on paper.  Throughout the 2 days, each student would read a tip, then share one of their own tips, and she’d let us choose a fat eighth from her basket.

Across the stage was the ‘store’ and these quilts were on display for upcoming BOM’s.

We like the setting on the far left one, it is a $5/block project.  If you bring in the last month’s completed block the next block is free.  Fun gimmick!  The far right one has wool appliqué and yes, those flowers are PINK!! 🙂   (I’m not signing up for either one, tho.)

Show & Tell of other projects was after lunch on Saturday.  That information wasn’t in our packets so we didn’t know to bring items.  Here is a sampling.

We got a bit more time for sewing after this.  I was at a good stopping point and once Elinor got to one, we packed up and headed out.  We were home just before 4.   E had dinner with some friends that evening and I have company today so it was good to be home at a decent time.

(The retreat ended at 3 and most were gone by the time we left at 2:15. )  We would have both been fine to keep working as the time away and solid quilting time was delightful!!  🙂    I need to plan make ahead meals and get in more concentrated sewing time like this again.   Perhaps I’d have to unplug the computer as well as that sucks me in if I have to come upstairs for something else.  *sigh*   But I LOVE having all of you in my box.   🙂  

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I’m going to a quilt retreat with Elinor this weekend.  We’ll drive back and forth and get to sleep in our own beds.  Plus I’ll need pure breakfast to counteract the other meals that are provided.   (the housing isn’t provided so it is either home or hotel)

We had a choice from 5 (or so ?) classes and I let Elinor do the choosing since it was her idea.  We are in the class for Shoo-Fly —

One day last week, we cut our 22 fat quarters for the colored pieces.  E is doing a mix of colors like the pattern and I am doing all blues from my old stash.   I just bought my background yesterday so spent this morning cutting 5 3/4 yards into the appropriate pieces!!

Here is my box of pieces and the preliminary sewing I’m working on —

I need to finish my pile of 168 of those guys on the right.

Plus there is a garage sale of quilting things there and we can take things to sell.  IF I get a chance to gather, I will.  Otherwise I’ll offer my treasures at quilt guild.

I’ll leave a lasagna (yet to be assembled) for the men for 2 lunches.   I’ll suggest brats or their choice for supper Friday.   Must get to sewing and leave time for packing.

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